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katana bodywork

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The fairings seem to be APX the same size give or take a cm.

Ruff size of the 400 fairing

420mm wide 

600mm long 

200mm high (without screen or the fins under the fairing)

Headlight hole looks smaller but comes in at 7"X5"

Main difference, is the 400 one is in 3 parts, lh side, rh side and a pice that goes under/Infront of the headlight.

Don't know about the rest.


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Can't see a problem with the fairing, but you may need to do some work on the fairing frame for different mounting points, unless you make one ;) which maybe the best way, as I've been looking for a 400 fairing frame for about 2 years O.o

As for the seat, I don't know but again maybe easyer just to make one.

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yeah i think making a fairing bracket would be the way to go,  looking at the seats they look pretty much the same ???  if not then their isn't much between them.  their will be a fair amount of modifying as this is (possibly) planed for the inazuma.  

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