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  1. What dust cover do you guys use when you use different stem? I have 750m frame and k7 front end and I believe the stem is thicker at the top so the 750m cover wont fit. Would k7 dust cover fit slingshot frame? But then I believe Busa and TL stems are the same so the cover should be interchangeable
  2. ziggy

    GR7AA - L or M

    Sweet, cheers for you help Captain
  3. ziggy

    GR7AA - L or M

    So the frame number would mean its an L but it has got the bolt on rubbers. I got some photos, might be easier this way
  4. Got a frame here - the V5 says its 91 yet googling GR7AA comes up with 90. Is the L that much different to the M? What are they ways to tell them apart? Need couple of bits to get it to the rolling chassis stage but need to ID it first. Cheers!
  5. So you need to wave the fob before accessing it with your phone? So cant really remotely start it unless you are next to it anyway. Or am I reading it wrong? And how the remote start works in case of oil cooled engines when they require chock? Or is it only for injected bikes?
  6. What do you use to switch it on/off @370steve- gnition switch, m.lock or just any on/off switch?
  7. Apparently its got starter relay build in and its just the starter solenoid thats needed. The main fuse being mentioned as well - would that be the big 30A fuse?
  8. Cheers Carl, got 1 on the way already, seen couple of vids on youtube and its quite impressive bit of gear.
  9. Good stuff, cheers Steve, better to make sure I get the cop ignitech before ordering then. Cheers for all the info Is there anything else Id need from old loom to make the bike go?
  10. Am I right thinking Ignitech will replace oem cdi? So if I went with your setup Steve, would i need anything else apart from coils to get it running? And would they just connect to Ignitech unit?
  11. I was thinking about getting one of those Ignitech units and a fancy tacho so thought there might be a quick way to do away with old loom. Stick coils conversion possibly while Im at it. Dont want to buy stuff only to find out there was quicker/smarter way of doing things and so I thought I will ask what you guys would suggest for a completely new installation.
  12. Got the rolling chassis together so now its the time to connect everything. Im not electrically minded and dont know whats out there and hence this post. As I need coils, cdi etc basically everything Id appreciate some suggestion of what bits to get to get it all working. The only requirements I have are nice digi clocks (translogic etc), headlight and rear/brake light. Dont need ignition switch, would prefer either keyless or something similar. Cheers
  13. Just checked and there different part no's. Not sure I can get to the frame but Id appreciate the dimensions if you've got them handy.
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