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  1. The kits should certainly be somewhere in the ball park .. if one clip position makes that much difference. Try putting a dynojet shim under the clip , that will give you half a position .. and I found that having the velocity ring taper out worked well .. mixture screws around 3t ?
  2. Also many other factors.. exhaust can determine very different jet sizes for a stg 3 kit .. I can only talk from my experience..
  3. If using an air fuel machine you can get the best from them. I agree they are a little large .. but always had great results on dyno . Stg 1 worked better . Could 4th gear roll on from 2k no issues and I’ve never seen smaller then 150 in a stg 3 . Ran a dyno for 10yrs . So wasn’t guess work
  4. Why would you install the left hand front wheel bearing first ?
  5. 150 to 160 mains are used when stg3 .. easiest thing to try is tape up half the velocity ring and see if better ( less air ) or remove and see if better , will give you an idea of which way to go … how good are your float bowl gaskets ??? And what’s the float height set too .. ? 40mm carbs are no worst to set up then any others .. and which way round is the velocity ring ??
  6. Afternoon all . Hope all is well . I’m looking for a bit of info , as some of you know I’m trying to resurrect my late fathers 11m . I found many parts now . But I’ve not found a single chassis bolt , So my question is . Do I specifically need engine plates from an 11m or are different models interchangeable? Also the front rubber engine mounts ! Are these same as all oil cooled Gsxr engines . Hope to find some secondhand …
  7. Inlet runner orings would be my first point of call . Spay brake cleaner between the rubbers and head while on tick over to see if revs rise . If do you need new o rings
  8. Great shout , used them many times for fcr bits . But honestly never thought to use them for oem parts . Great company with a wealth of knowledge
  9. I appreciate they don’t say if I’m stock . But some Gurls blouse parts I have looked for on that site . Say no longer available and your unable to create a basket .. so poss they are available! and if emulsion tubes are still available from dynojet. It’s an option . Just use good oem needles . Dj needles seem too hard and make emulsion tube oval over time , I had a katana in once for running issues ..
  10. Serafumi


    Exactly that . I remember him buying the bike when I was a teenager .. so frame has to stay
  11. Serafumi


    Yes it’s an M . The frame I have I believe is an M . But I will check the number .. dad had a one piece M rear solo seat unit .. so I think it would work with any slingshot subframe ..
  12. Serafumi


    A very interesting magazine of the Gsxr history.
  13. Serafumi


    I was thinking , as long as I take measurements and pictures, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get correct .
  14. Serafumi


    Morning all . Has anyone welded on a stock subframe back onto on a slingshot frame ,dad cut the original off in the 90s , but as I want to keep the original reg number for frame , I got a second hand frame with lock stop damage, but subframe is good . I planned to cut it off and have it welded onto dad’s original frame . If it’s a bad idea please give me other options. I want to run stock style rear unit
  15. Now that is a nice neat set up .
  16. I will be running one on my late fathers 1100m when it’s together…
  17. Hm quickshifter.. available for stick top coils and old school coils
  18. Thank you so much for the kind words . I thank him everyday for sending me on this path of motorcycles . Getting paid to do a job you love is priceless..
  19. When the build begins I will start a project page … I’ve not worked on an oil cooled suzuki for years .. got a garage full of bikes . But only 2 Suzukis . Well 3 now . I doubt the project will start anytime soon race season is in full swing
  20. Fantastic. I will keep that in mind . Appreciate your help .
  21. Yeah I find that strange . But guess it’s the rules . I don’t wanna sell anything yet . But most certainly will have to buy some bits . As it’s been in pieces so many years . Godknows where bits are …
  22. I’ve done many of dyno miles with all types of shifter . In honesty I used to ask customers to turn it off via their fancy app .. any shifter that you can turn on and off , I’d be weary off ..
  23. Kinda what I was expecting. Let’s hope I don’t need to much . Do people use fowlers for new spares or robbinsons
  24. I will remove cam cover , sump and 3 sides when I get motor home . Fingers will be crossed .. do you know if internal parts are still available?
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