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  1. I tried a rubber ring or big O ring with no luck, will try that thanks
  2. Hi, fuel cap is leaking, I’ve checked the parts list and the rubber isn’t a separate item, any ideas of a replacement etc? Its the one in front, the other is a slingshot and won’t do the job. thanks
  3. Got this running after buying it as a lockdown project 2 years ago - Jap import to the UK, had to get it registered (hassle), and de-restricted which means grinding out the exhaust headers. Had the carbs done at Allen’s, decent fork job, new YSS shock and all linkages, wheel, swingarm and head bearings changed, new tyres, chain and sprockets and a general tidy up. First ride and I love it. Its kind of bonkers really - It’s like a 4 stroke 2 stroke, got it off the 180kph speedo. It feels pretty tight for 37 years old, turns and stops fairly well (refurbed callipers and new line/pads). It had only ‘apparently’ done 14kms but hard to tell. It’s not comfy, cramped legs and achy wrists so I’ll have a think about that. A few issues; leaky fuel cap, rear gear lever to adjust, need to block off the Japanese speed restriction light. Questions: -I have a UK speedo, is it a straight swap? -Is there a popular quick throttle change, thing goes on for ever… Chz
  4. okay, job done, took ages to get it all aligned and not beautiful but solid… Battery on charge and will test ride soon…. Put a ally bar across behind the oil cooler with slots that bolts to both sides, dead solid…
  5. I’m up for a set, can you quote a price or want to message me, where are you?
  6. i’d have a pair, I’m in the uk but depends on price and when they’d be ready. not sure if he made a mould…
  7. Funny you should say that…. big arrow is where the rubber mount thingy on the head goes… let’s see how it goes. Ordered new rubber mounts as well (not cheap)
  8. I have the domed things on the head bolted up, still wobbly. Any ideas where the brackets are from?
  9. Hi all, just getting a 750 ready to ride and I don’t have the belly pan, and I actually prefer the look without it tbh. However, the mid panels are quite wobbly without it, is there a bracket out there or a regular fix to firm them up? Thanks Ps - not my bike but you get the idea…
  10. Yea…. Just as I thought… will get him to gently vapour blast it and paint it with something… chz
  11. Hi all, I want to tidy up the oil cooler and am also getting some bits cerakoted. would you cerakote an oil cooler? I know it’s basically a paint but wondering if it’s properties would seal in the heat which isn’t something you want to do… thoughts?
  12. See the pic above from FB, it’s a head nut washer, dropped down the can chain tunnel by the knob who did the head gasket…
  13. Great, that must be it thanks for help y’all
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