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  1. So not much has happened on either project this year unfortunately - work has been crazy & finances low I have just been able to get my hands on an '86 GSX1100ES for next to nothing. The tank is rusted out but it's complete & everything appears to be there. Now I was adamant about keeping the 750 a 750 (as 1100 motors are just to hard to get here). But now with my hands on an 1100 motor & all the goodies to make it go it appears the 1100 upgrade is on the cards.......
  2. Hey Bernie, I forgot to reply to this sorry The front forks are 840mm long
  3. So what do you do when you have one bike in pieces not running - well you buy another one of course I'm at the point where I'm waiting on a few parts to arrive from OS for the 750 but also need funds to finish her off. Searching FB marketplace for some handy bits found me a 1982 GSX250 with the full brat tracker treatment done. Guy was selling as he'd hacked the loom to pieces & couldn't figure out how to put it back together again (I'm sure we've all been there)..... He's moving and needed it gone by Wednesday - I offered $500 and said I'd come straight around & pick it up:How she looked pre him pulling it apart:How I found it at his place:Loaded up ready for the trip home:And parked next to it's big brother:Plan for this one is to figure out the hack job on the loom & put it all together for a quick flip to fund the completion of the 750 - I may start a build thread for this bike but I'm worried if O do I may grow attached & and want to keep both bikes......
  4. No worries, I can measure it up for you.... (So by fully extended do you mean front wheel in the air so no weight on the front wheel?)
  5. Cheers - yeah I've saved a few in my watchlist so will grab on off of there (just thought I'd check if there was a better option first).
  6. Slowly buying parts to start on the engine. The starter arrived form Melbourne on Monday & a generator & reg/rec arrived form the US yesterday. I'm waiting on a set of coils & a new fuse box to come from Japan & once that gets here I think that'll be enough to start pulling things apart.... Does anyone have a good link for where to get a gasket set from? (they're hard to come by here in Aus & I don't want to buy all the gaskets separately)
  7. Yep, that's him! I bought some calipers off him but unfortunately they were the wrong ones (I'll try and trade them, my original headlight & incorrect starter motor at an upcoming swap meet for parts I need)
  8. The mould was a lucky break. I was on the hunt for a new seat & they just don't exist over here.... A wrecker had the name of a company who did replica fibreglass parts down in SA. I did some searching & found an old phone number - they guy had retired but said he still had his old moulds in the shed so I grabbed the one I needed. I'll get a few made & see if a can sell a couple to cover my costs (if it turns out there's enough interest I may buy some more moulds and make a bit of a side business of it)
  9. Ha ha, small world! Yep I've a thread there too (same username too). Yeah once I get the engine running (hopefully in the next few months) I'll start looking at options for suspension, forks, swingarm etc..... I actually have an alloy swingarm off an 1100 given to me off a guy from PF. I'll look to fitting it but it has had the brake mount cut off (so need to make something & have it welded on) and source the mounting hardware (as I doubt the nut from my axle will suit) I'm looking forward to finding a lot of info here & hopefully finally get up & running
  10. Well that's the story so far pretty much caught up & how she's sat since April - covid kinda put a stall to everything due to me needing to start a new job (place I worked closed down) and my wife being stood down (she works for an airline). I'm at the point where I need to spend some money with the list of "free" jobs done. . I'm now 6 months into the new job & my wife went back to work full time last week so fingers crossed that'll allow some cash to be thrown at the bike & finally get her going....
  11. So the motor (the new one with the stuck exhaust valves) is back at the mechanic - he sold it to me as a good motor so is going to give it a quick once over, hopefully it's an easy fix.... Painted the tank last night, yes it's not perfect but it's better than yellow and I can do it properly down the track if it bothers me too much: Seat pan mould arrived in the post today too!!! I was considering being lazy & just using the mould as my seat pan but it'd be a waste to not copy it so I'll make a couple up (and hopefully sell one to cover my costs):
  12. The pewter didn't work so I primer filled it with the plan to go satin black. The two paints reacted & pulled away from the original yellow (probably something I did wrong ) so I decided to strip it all back & start again: (found this side had been previously repaired too) And a test fit: Have had some dramas with my engine too - the new motor has three of the exhaust valves stuck and the two front bolts cracked on the rocker cover (probably happened in storage). I'm taking this back to the shop I bought it from though as it was sold to me as a good motor - hopefully I have a win there..... The annoying thing is the one with the cam caps missing all turns over perfectly!!! (if it wasn't likely to go bang I'd consider just swapping the missing caps over.... )
  13. Didn't really get much done over Christmas (we put a pool in last October so spent all the spare time swimming The dented yellow tank was annoying me so I thought I'd have a crack at repairing it. I've never had to bog anything up before so wasn't too sure how she'd come up.... The dents were deeper than I first thought so I had to build it up in layers: Not too bad for my first attempt I thought: I thought it looked ok, so I chucked on a coat of paint to see how she came up: It's crazy what paint shows - I'll have to build the side up a bit more: I'm not too sold on the pewter either (think it looks too grey) - will have to go check out colours. I want it silver but not too shiny.... Thought I'd chuck it all back together to see how she all looks Hopefully I'll get the engine swapped over in the next few weeks - the new motor is black but I'll be having to use my cam & side covers so will decide if the silver & black combo looks ok or if I have to paint them black to match once all in place.... New plan is to just get it all running & registered with the factory seat & panels (so I'll have to re-build the seat too). I figure it's best to get it all running though then do cosmetic upgrades once rideable!!
  14. After getting the brakes sorted first (so I can move it around without worry of her running away from me). I pulled apart the seat to see if it was salvageable & with a re-trim & re-shape. I'd say that pan is pretty much cactus: Love the random plywood repair...…
  15. Cheers mate Yeah I've been lurking & reading heaps - I'll no doubt be asking plenty of questions as I progress!!!
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