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  1. 2021 MotoAmerica is scheduled for May 21-23 at Virginia International Raceway. MotoAmerica - May 21 at Virginia International Raceway (virnow.com) Kids get in free with paying adult.
  2. I don't think we ever had the Kat 550 here in the US, so I'm not sure which 550 engine it had. Certain model designations differ between different markets. Certain new products were not introduced the same year here and there.
  3. Which 550 engine in the Katana? Two valve per cylinder or four? The link I provided for the 650 top end on a 550 lower applies to the two valve per cylinder engines. The four valve per cylinder engine from the mid 80's, often labeled TSCC, were a different engine. If that's what you have, you need a direct replacement engine or an oil cooled 600 as Wraith described. If you aren't sure what you have, take a picture and we can help you figure it out.
  4. The caps on the idle mixture screws were just there to comply with US environmental standards; they pull out easily. There's no way the original factory settings would still be correct; our fuel formulations have changed in the past forty years, and yours will be different too. Carbs were generally jetted too lean from the factory. If running everything mostly stock, go one size larger jets. If running higher flowing air intake or exhaust, you may need to go two or more sizes larger. Of course this could all vary on local atmospheric conditions, fuel formulation, and vehicle regulations.
  5. We had a discussion not to long ago: 550/650 Swap - Page 2 - Air Cooled - Oldskoolsuzuki.info As stated above, your most expedient route, other than another 550 engine, would be to swap in an oil cooled 600.
  6. I'm in the US and have owned a few GS550's. I don't recall any having a vacuum actuated petcock but no "prime" position. Your bike could be a California model. Ever since the 1960's, that state has had environmental requirements for vehicles beyond what the federal government required. Is there a stamp or sticker mentioning California, CA, or CARB ? Your best bet would be to replace it with a new aftermarket petcock. Then "bin" that old "tap".
  7. Keep in mind that he's in the US where we never got the "GSX" designation on the 4 valve engines. My 1982 with a 4 valve engine is a "GS750E".
  8. Yesterday I checked the fit of a L model grab-rail, it did NOT fit the GS550E frame. So you either have to locate the rare part, or take another attempt at fabricating one yourself.
  9. Auto parts stores normally sell small packets of brake grease for cheap. Looks like a fast food condiment packet: one is enough for the whole bike and it's the correct formula.
  10. The GS550L (cruiser style with stepped seat and chrome rear fender) came with a chromed wrap around grab bar. I could take one from an '81 GS550L and see if it will fit up to my '78 GS550E. Just give me a few days; we're recovering from the effects of an ice storm.
  11. Poldark

    1982 1983

    I'm not very familiar with the Katana version of the 550; they were rare or not sold at all here in the US. On other 550 variations, there were considerable design changes between 82 and 83, so very few parts interchange. When looking for parts online, keep in mind that the same model may have been used different model designations in different parts of the world. And like Toni just said; go introduce yourself.
  12. Is there any evidence of states without inspection requirements having higher accident rates? Although some states don't have inspection requirements, they still can require certain standards for vehicles driven on the public roads. For example, a police officer can cite a driver for non-functioning lights. Most vehicle accidents are found to be operator error, not equipment related.
  13. HUM, I could sponsor you for immigration to the US and get you out of that bureaucratic nightmare. You should be able to qualify for motorcycle refugee status. Some states here don't have any inspection requirements.
  14. 1979 http://www.suzukicycles.org/GS-series/index.html?GS850G.shtml~isoraami Follow the link and click on "GS850" on the menu bar on left. 79 was the first year, 80 went to CV carbs and electronic ignition.
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