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    I'm not very familiar with the Katana version of the 550; they were rare or not sold at all here in the US. On other 550 variations, there were considerable design changes between 82 and 83, so very few parts interchange. When looking for parts online, keep in mind that the same model may have been used different model designations in different parts of the world. And like Toni just said; go introduce yourself.
  2. Is there any evidence of states without inspection requirements having higher accident rates? Although some states don't have inspection requirements, they still can require certain standards for vehicles driven on the public roads. For example, a police officer can cite a driver for non-functioning lights. Most vehicle accidents are found to be operator error, not equipment related.
  3. HUM, I could sponsor you for immigration to the US and get you out of that bureaucratic nightmare. You should be able to qualify for motorcycle refugee status. Some states here don't have any inspection requirements.
  4. 1979 http://www.suzukicycles.org/GS-series/index.html?GS850G.shtml~isoraami Follow the link and click on "GS850" on the menu bar on left. 79 was the first year, 80 went to CV carbs and electronic ignition.
  5. Poldark


    It's a little rough but you have a platform to start a project. Make sure to go make an introduction post in the "general chat" section, and you'll be more likely to get answers to your questions. Don't be a "one-post wonder". (ask question, members take time to answer, then never hear from you again)
  6. But we're Americans; we are used to covering large land distances. I'm just dreaming big.
  7. I'm proud to "be an American" but I'm not proud of many of my fellow Americans. Oh well, more old Suzuki's for me.
  8. Please don't be another one-post wonder. I get excited when I see new American members because I look forward to seeing OSS-US being built up like OSS-UK with the get-togethers and parts trading. But no; it's one question and they are gone.
  9. I was in elementary school when that was going on, but an article I read about the GXSR development is what I based that statement on. It was 1985, right? Maybe we didn't get it that year, but then it then but then it was released here in '86 during the last year of the tariff? I think we didn't get the first year water-cooled GSXR. We did get a whole bunch of chug-chug-chug H-D's is different configurations.
  10. say what now!?, I'm sorry about coming off like that. I mistook you as having an elitist attitude; I thought you were questioning his project choice as a wasted effort because it wasn't up to your standards. For short rides, I really like the gs550, but it is somewhat lacking in power. The GS650E (chain drive) was about the size and weight of the 550 with performance approaching the 750. Another issue was keeping up with the competition. For example, H--da had good sales with the CB650, why loose a market segment to another maker? There were very few unique components in the GS650E.
  11. I went to the dealer for parts today too, but I didn't have to drive near as far. I enjoyed looking at the new stuff but it's just not for me; I'd rather acquire some non-running for cheap price and bring it back to life. Wife and kids were with me; got bombarded with wishes for a 50cc dirt bike or four-wheeler.
  12. The shaft drive and chain drive 650 engines had lots of engineering differences. Different cases (chain drive used same case as 550 engine). The chain drive engines had full roller bearing crankshafts, the shaft drive models have plain split-shell bearings. There are a few other differences. Different cam profiles is not far fetched, as our shaft drive model was touring oriented. The cams would initially be forged the same, then ground to different profiles. He already purchased camshafts with sprockets from a chain drive 650, so why not use them. No one is trying to set the world a
  13. Not much in the way of mechanical trouble spots with these engines. Weak point was electrical, but that can be done with the engine in the frame but slightly easier with the engine out. To get the most out of your modification without adding extra expense, do the mild port and valve lapping like Wraith suggested. Good time to check and correct valve clearance, although it can be done after engine is installed. I'm not a carb turning expert. In my experience, factory jetting is one size too lean. If you are going to run aftermarket intake and exhaust, you need to go up a size. So, in
  14. This is about the type of bike I think you are trying to build and how you will likely ride it. Aggressive solo riding. Long interstate highway cruising with luggage and a passenger is what your RoadKing is made for. Notice the word "racer" in "cafe racer"? I assume you will be aggressive on the throttle. The high-end cam is best suited to those condition. The Chevy small block V8 has long been a popular hotrod/ muscle-car engine in America, so I will use it for my analogy. The GS650E has the hotrod/muscle-car 350. The GS650G is the 350 in a truck. The GS550 is a 305 in a regular passe
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