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  1. Looking at this sb6. Guy willing to take my black 1100wr in px. My bike plus 2.3 k approx. Sb6 done 18k. Apparently no frame damage. Always cautious where frame protectors fitted. Clue apparently if its been over footpegs dent swinging arm. Pig to work on but always wanted a bimota and kb2,s way out of my pay grade.
  2. Not posted for quite some time as 1371 been sat quietly in corner awaiting some inspiration on how I wanted to update her. Breaking a rough k2 1000 few months ago I'd had a couple of years donated whole front end which is simple top bearing swap (marksman bearings provided an "all balls kit") . Sold the complete dated Gsxr750 usd front end so providing some 1371 funds. Trawling Facebook got me a better k2 front wheel complete with new bearings and 2 pack painted red. than the one I had ( set of k2 had been polished.) with latest brand new pirelli corsa and quality new renthall bars and riser
  3. Thanks . My typo .yes 50/54 . Raceways in Fleetwood confirmed this afternoon when I picked up some 10wt oil.
  4. Giving my 1371 some much needed tlc .frame is 1127 but forks are off a 750 I think as 50/52 .unsure on oil capacity / fill level height to top .not much on the net conflicting amounts . L model 400ml . Others say 465.ml ? Unsure whether to fit a set of later k2 1000 forks I have . Fit in same yokes so easy although I have bought the top bearing mod to fit correctly. Later forks a lot lighter especially with wheel but bike has a drag arm so handling not a big concern. Input much appreciated. Also looking for a unbutchered 1127 loom as the wiring on mine is a joke .household electric connec
  5. Steve took his monster with him to Perth. Bill hunters spondon last seen in Ireland . Was on e bay few years back @15k . Remember seeing Steve’s spondon 1260 gsxr at a run what u bring back in 87 . Hag Hughes bike was a bit of a mess . Had frame damage and not much originality. Had (still got a guy) interested in my harribox . He went to see hags bike which was at a bike dealers in north wales. And wasn’t impressed.
  6. It was Harris,s first attempt at the harribox concept. Still bloody expensive They then built what most people associate with the harribox look. Even then there are subtle changes to the frame mine is last of the update .steve Harris reckoned mine was worth 15k + back in 2012 so easily 20k now with a good wind .
  7. this is my Harribox . had it 12 years now . be interested to talk to guy with 2 of them . know one guy with one . rare bike . got my name on a harris 2 just waiting for guy to actually sell it me together with a 1100 katana
  8. harris Harribox . harris only made 50 frames . for Yamaha and suzuki engines . .ian king had one which housed a gsxr 1100 back in the day . was featured in the "crossbow calender if your old enough to remember .
  9. if your building a streetfighter then the trickest mod would be to fit a rear radiator/fan set up as on Benelli 900tre . not the easiest mod . lol. just had a look how it is set up ,definitely possible .delete o.e waterpump and run a small mocal electric inline one to ensure you get good flow . this set up is draw through by rear fans . seen it done many times on pro drift cars .
  10. I assume you don't intend having any fairings on the bike ? as the curved rads are designed to curve forward into the front of the fairing .you don't ideally want gaps as air takes path of less resistance and goes around so less efficiency . a zx1100 rad is straight and looks like it might fit . you can always get silicon hoses made up by a firm called viper. just google them . usually have a stand at Stoneleigh kit car show beginning of may . . a zx7 /zxr750 rad definitely fits but not what your looking for . seen this zx7 extended one on e bay looks good .but not cheap . last pic is zx
  11. thanks . they are now part of my growing collection of bikes .probably never be very desirable or worth much but I put a lot of effort but thankfully much cash into them .both stand me at 4.5k . recently done a 1 owner from new 99 busa with full ohlins back /front from new which I,m going to use . your spondon project has given me some inspiration to finish my harris "Harribox " off properly .
  12. thought I may as well add few pics and details of my other waterbuffallo . 96 wt . suzuki did attempt to make some decent mods to this year and year earlier ws model 1100,s . off top of my head 93 1100wp 231kg 95 1100ws 224kg 96 1100wt 221kg (last revisions of model ) fairing slimmer +different headlight . clocks fairing mounted forks +2mm diameter straight spoke wheels different engine top mounting bracket thermostat housing now under offside fairing infill rather than under tank braced arm+spindle diameter increased shock linkage diffe
  13. I always tell people try to start out with the best bike possible for the money . should really have walked away from the wr but it had some good history . basically I took it down to bare frame ,engine still in .swinging arm out . anything that could be taken apart was . cleaned /serviced as I went along . full carb overhaul . sump off etc rad was soaked for few weeks to remove bugs /gently hosed off with boiling water . blasted few bits then simply lacquered . lots of stainless bolts used . every nut bolt used copperslip grease . they build them dry from factory , full brake overhaul. l
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