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  1. Surely this can't be right ..... £2000 for a secondhand alloy tank ???
  2. In this box is a kit to convert an 1100 from a 5 to a 6 speed with every thing needed (So I was told),Gears,Cable Clutch,Covers,Spacer's etc, I bought off a (very nice)guy on Eblag about 5 years ago and its sat with its contents shrunk wrapped inside since,never got around to fitting it and never will now, What I found recently in this forum's archive was a thread on everything that was needed to know regarding this type of conversion, The author suggested more than one way of doing the swap and I would be interested to know what I have here, If I unwrap and layout the con
  3. I have a couple of arm's ... and when you say "of the wall" this springs to mind, It's a Works XRO 6 (SRAD) Or I also have a 750 WN arm same as on my 1100M here
  4. Got them ... was hoping that was the case thanks BTW ,20 years ago it came with a (still) new after market 4 into 1 with oval Carbon Can but I've misplaced 5 of the collets needed to fit,is there any thing else I can use or are they Suzuki parts ??
  5. Thanks on Amazon now !! Kudo's Sandro
  6. Ok thanks, So is it a good idea to remove the rust first or does the tank sealer do the job
  7. Thanks for the reply, Seams are good but really looking for a temp fix so I could put fuel in it as I need to sell the bike and I assume the new owner would source a good secondhand tank
  8. Scabby Slabby 1100 thrown up another error !!!! The petrol tank is rusty in side to a point it has tiny pinholes underneath where it sits attop the air filter,is this fixable or scrap ?
  9. Do that all the time confuse 0 with O,heres the offending part ....
  10. I found one and I know I have 2 ,digital micrometer shows around .20 - .30 shy of 40mm,does'nt look like its done a lot Which of the 4 on yours are broken ?
  11. As the title say's ... trying to find any info or links as I have a XRO6 arm on a carbed SRAD I bought years ago and can not find any info online.thanks
  12. Not sure about about an 1100L arm ... but I've got a 6 1/2 inch PVM rear wheel on a 750 WN Swinger attached to my 1100M,Just fits !!
  13. I should have been clearer ... That "hoard" of mine has other GSXR carb/parts+ a friend of mine who emigrated to Austrailia in 2010 gave me all his "hoard" aswell, I have a 91 1100M here but it has 39 FCR's so I can't compare
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