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  1. Thanks guys appreciate it
  2. Hi all,, A mate of mine is having abit of a crisis!! He has taken some rear indicators off his EFE and basically lost all power to the bike?? He has tried it with the indicators back on the bike and still no joy,,, And yes the kill switch was on YJ said it will be the 30a fuse but cannot seem to find one? All there seems to be is your normal bank of 10 & 15 amp fuses,, and he seems to have a 5a inline fuse?? Please can anyone shed any light on this? Appreciate it guys
  3. I emailed XR69.co.uk last sunday regarding the frames tank etc.... he got back to me yesterday with a pricelist for all parts.. im guessing trident are back in business... i will post the pricelist on here tomorrow as i have left it at work... BUT going of what saxon have quoted you can virtually get the frame tank and swingarm for the same price as tridents frame only
  4. who made Dunlop's XR69 frame for the classic TT 2016? Was that Trident?
  5. Trident Engineering uses the website WWW.XR69.CO.UK,, just cannot in touch..
  6. Yea i have been looking at this site.. Cheers,, not much joy off them as of yet though.
  7. Hey All, Please can anyone shed any light on who other than Harris are making XR69 frames and tanks? Websites, Numbers, Contacts all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. im sure i have some plugs a emma's mums i will look for you tomorrow..
  9. Mick mick with a big "" i need some things from stafford cant wait,,, i will have to pay there now on the gate and que!!!
  10. 100% Turbo,, If you have £1800 just lying around!! If not DOT head... either way you benefit.. wish i had the option.
  11. I am definitely going to, i am just in the process of sorting a workshop out.. Then the build can start!! Just getting ahead of myself and buying bits so i can get stuck straight in!!!
  12. Yea I saw an old post of that done, think I will give it a whirl. Thanks for tips! I have got a bespoke mount to fit the shock off Danm54 which will save me a lot of messing.. Cheers
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