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  1. Afternoon folks. Will the K or L running gear fit in a Powerscreen?
  2. Annnnnd out again
  3. That swing arm pivot point gives it away Got one to hack up in the shed Welcome Spammy....
  4. The one and only I was tom Davidson on there
  5. 'S a tacho drive bruv, speedo drive from the front wheel.
  6. I would say your frame is standard Suzuki GSX1100 Katana, it looks unmolested, the motor looks like a painted Kat motor as well quite possibly not the original but Kat non the less. There are folk on here a lot more knowledgeable then me. Kat motors not my thing Other GSX engines look very similar from that era
  7. Yes, Katana frame, the rear footpeg hangers dead give away
  8. Coolio, thanks Dezza
  9. Evening folks. It's been a while since I pulled some forks down to replace the seals. Going to replace the springs for some heavier duty items but I want to remove and clean all the gubbins at the bottom as well. Do I need to make a long thingummyjig to hold the valve stuff in order to loosen the allen bolt like I do with Yam forks to release the mechanism? I don't have a manual for these forks. Ta
  10. Original Mr Turbo, on long term loan
  11. Yes, rattle can laid on thick enough to just not sag then as long in the oven at 200^o as you can stand the rest of the family complaining about the smell. At least an hour.
  12. I recently did my cases in this stuff. It goes on great, viable at over 450^o and fuel proof. It appears to be very tough, the cases survived a bashing when they flew off my back seat when I did an emergency stop
  13. Remove tap, replace with small length of pipe with blue glue, install £4.00 inline ball tap out the way. Air is a fluid Captain, just not a very dense one. It's not a liquid , at stp anyway
  14. I put a Kat screen on my ET clocks, it's not there any more but I think it kept a bit of wind off.. Had to brace it at the back..