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  1. GSX 1100 EFE wheel swap

    I generally do this without the tyres on and appropriate blocks against the front or a piece of string from the head stock down the centre of the tyre then measure the gaps and machine up the spacers/machine down the sprocket carrier etc. The rear wheels don't always run centrally in the arm. That picture is from the Maxton homepage by the way. Frames differ even within the same model as Cap'n says so it's worth measuring your individual bike.
  2. Looks like I may be able to source a reasonable 1216 barrel and Busa slugs, probably better.....
  3. Afternoon all. Would the 10:1 CR on the standard GSX1127G be too high for relatively low boost applications? Going the 1216 Busa slug route eventually, just in the meantime........ The system was about 189bhp on Paul's old Bandit ET Ta
  4. Opinions on this mess?

    I replaced the loop in a GSX1100SZ without to much hassle. It wasn't because of rot, but that's irrelevant. I used fresh tube rather than looking for an old one to cut up. Go for it
  5. GSX1100G Winter Hack

    7 x £50 if Suzanne asks
  6. GSX1100G Winter Hack

    £650 Bargain
  7. GSX1100G Winter Hack

    So this happened today, really rate it. Rides well, mechanically sound although the leaky exhaust, foam filters make it pop a little on over run. It'll get the nice stuff I already have, tank, seat, plastics etc... And this ABSOLUTELY WON'T HAPPEN Or..........
  8. Suzuki bandit usd forks

    Swiss cheese memory, Que lo pases muy bien hermano, piensa en la salsa caliente rediculosa. If Georgia has told me to tell you to 'fuck off' or something I apologise, not one of my languages, but I trust her...
  9. Suzuki bandit usd forks

    Saucer of milk for Mr Viz please 1/2 term week after next Viz, could you stand a visit? Get that crap out from under your feet?
  10. I have but it's not in very good condition. I cut a bit out of the foam and only the front half of the cover is new.
  11. I concur, giz it mista Or bare me in mind when and if you come to sell it #nlovian
  12. 1100g or 1100f that is the question

    My 1100G in the GS frame will be 1216 with gen 1 Busa slugs and Paul's old turbo system for around 185bhp. Standard rods and a lock up I've got kicking around that was a Psycle Workz jobbie that was spare from the Slingy Drag bike (I ended up with 2 due to a mix up, only paid for 1) It will be interesting to see it the drive system can cope.....might do a little pre test by bolting the system on this G at very low boost, see what happens through standard clutch etc .
  13. Winter Hack compatability?

    I was thinking about the head and barrels on my other one. They're not pretty and GSXR/GSF are more easily found. Good call on the cams as I wouldn't want R ones in there....
  14. GSX1100EX

    Nice panel sticker Pigford
  15. Winter Hack compatability?

    Got all the bits to make this look pretty but. Other than the drive/gearbox bits, how similar are these motors to the GSXRs. Head, blocks etc? I thank you