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  1. Katana build

    Gorgeous. And welcome
  2. My katana build

    Beautiful bike and sentiment Thoroughly enjoyed drooling over it at Newark.
  3. £75 from the Italian scrapage scheme in the early 90s, 8000km, sold for £1450 in 97
  4. 1100EZ/1100ET frame similarities?

    Notthe same, also the customer has changed their mind so it's coming apart/starting again anyway. Guess it's a customer that has very deep pockets
  5. 1100EZ/1100ET frame similarities?

    Sorted now, answer 'No'
  6. Morning all, you may have seen the humpy ET tank a friend of mine is making. He is having a couple of issues making the base as it turns out the former had been expanded under pressure to increase capacity. He doesn't have access to an ET frame so how different is my (currently of the road ) EZ frame for him to make bottom fit, in particular the position of the tap. I thank you
  7. Newark Classic Suzies..

    I don't know and http://grumpy1260suzukispares.co.uk/ I would imagine the 1100 one could be made to fit without too much effort
  8. Newark Classic Suzies..

    They had one of these on their stand as well in chrome. Worth buying a bike just to put it on
  9. Newark Classic Suzies..

    Not sure where to put these really, here's as good as anywhere I guess. Unfortunately I blew up on the way there, but it was ace.... Inspiration
  10. 1216cc big bore kits

    Only reason to go 1216 is so you can use standard Busa slugs on a turbo build
  11. Gsx1100 upgrade

    Hi man and welcome. I have a GSX tank on an EFE frame and it rubs so I'm guessing your way round might be fine? I mean the EFE must have a slightly wider tunnel..
  12. Spondon turbo - Bill Hunter

    Martin the current owner is on here, #1168turbo, think he's gone back to the States at the moment. And if I had the money I'd pay £15k for it. But Bill was a local lad and I guess it would mean more for me. It's not £15K's worth of motorcycle granted, but it is £15k of Kool
  13. gsx1428 streetable?

    And a 'Speed awareness course', bugger...
  14. gsx1428 streetable?

    Yup, definitely Streetable 188 mile autumn hoon to wish Loopie a happy birthday
  15. My Gs1000g project

    I like it Mick. Had a similar looking 850 back in the day, late 80s. It had flatbars and a GPZ handlebar fairing and I called it a 'Streetfighter', I'd keep the skinny wheels. Hard tails are fun.