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Biggest Liner Without Boring Cases

Roger P.

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Hi gents. Anyone know the max liner o.d. you can install in a stock B12 case? I am trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear with the p.o.s. 1127 block I bought off of that site. Had 81mm bores, but they were worn out. I figured with winter coming on it might be a good time to turn it into something useful for next wrenching, errr, riding season. I found a company called Melling that makes some pretty affordable liners for re-sleeving. They will build to suit. Thanks.

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Where are you first off as Melling's are in the States and seem to be great for typical V8 truck motors so you'll be paying bespoke fee's and freight and import duty! There are US bike performance shops who'll sell you ready finished sleeves off the shelf or of course if in the UK there are importers for the US bike parts or UK manufacturers of sleeves/liners.

But if its a shoestring build then just get another blandit barrel, get it bored to 81mm & rebuild - this is assuming you have 81mm pistons already. If you are spending £££ then I believe you can bore the cases out to take 90mm o/d liners and 86mm o/d pistons but going that big causes other issues that need to be addressed - like the blandit block will be daftly thin!

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Well, I was targeting 1246cc max, so I figured I'd check first to see how much room there was. Sounds like there is plenty. I'm in Canada, so US suppliers are the way to go,  although my Black Widow headers got here from the UK pretty quickly.

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