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  1. Spoke too soon as usual. Clutch is being a real bastard to troublehoot. I took out all of my slack adjusters and ended up with the exact same travel, so the problem lies somewhere else. I noticed a fair bit of endplay in the clutch shaft itself. Is there an acceptable limit? I can't find any dimension to check against. Even when the whole clutch is installed, I can manually move the clutch assembly up and down a small amount. Something doesn't seem right. If it needs splitting the cases I'm just going to part this sucker out. The clutch hub and basket have mild ridging,
  2. Gurls blouse Graphite Gray Metallic is a perfect match for a MkII B12 motor. I had painted parts mounted next to OEM Suzuki and you couldn't see any difference.
  3. Well, didn't even need to start it. Cold engine, cranked it over until my lithiun ion booster pack quit and I can drag the rear wheel by hand with it in gear and the clutch in. Amazing how such a little amount of oil can make such a huge difference.
  4. I can't seem to get proper clutch release on an 1990 (?) 1127 motor with a Bandit 1200 MkII sprocket cover and Bandit MkII master. With B12 slave cylinder I was getting between 1mm and 1,25mm clutch movement. With the bike in gear I couldn't budge the rear tire with the clutch lever pulled back to the bar. I took out every bit of slack I could find, so much so that the dial indicator would begin to register as soon as any movement of the lever was initiated. I even put in a second thrust bearing and washer on the end of the push piece from the remains of my B12 motor, but to no avail
  5. Do the cases have to be split to replace the oil seals on the shift shaft or countershaft? I went out to fog the cylinders tonight and found my oil sight glass empty and a large wet spot in the dirt where my fresh oil had migrated. If they need splitting, I think it's sayonara time for this bike. I've had it. Tried to crank it over with a fresh battery and there is a dead short somewhere.
  6. Finishing up the 1127 install on my Bandit and I am wondering which clutch pushrod I need to use. Bandit is too short, but putting in the one that came with the engine still seems to leave me with a lot of dead lever travel. It is very slightly bent as well. I am happy to buy a new one if I knew which one I need. I have the ability to make one at work if I had a dimension to work with as well. The cover is off my B12, MkII engine. The countershaft succumbed to a pair of carefully sharpened tungsten carbide tipped concrete drills. The extension off the back of the speed sensor is jus
  7. It would seem the "bolt on the dot head and 750K cams route to more power" did not work for me.... Cam timing was spot on.No indication that the head had been skimmed or my engine had ever been opened. No fucking idea what happened. The surviving pistons show exhaust valve contact. $500 worth of new exhaust valves gone there. Scary part is I had been 260km/h just minutes earlier. Be warned!
  8. Heh, heh, heh......yeahhhhhhhh.....
  9. Sadly, no. It's out in the wilderness somewhere. Might be a good project for the crusty 1%er welder guy who welded up the holes left in my Bandit head when I drilled out the broken studs. He's worked his magic on some broken carb float posts for a few guys.
  10. No. This is the carnage after my one and only ride with the dot head and 750 cams. My new rings and head gasket have arrived so hopefully reassembly of my 1100 motor will be underway shortly. I thought getting this 1200 motor out of the frame would be a doddle, but damn was it a fight, even with the downtube off. once I get everything back in place, I'll finish tearing down this motor and see if it's worth building up over the winter.
  11. Look closely, and you will find two valve heads. Piston #4 seems to have had a major disagreement with both of them.
  12. Well, couldn't leave well enough alone and pulled the head and block off the donor motor. Plenty of carbon on the piston crowns and hard glassy burnt oil on the exhaust valve stems, so it looks like this engine is an oil burner. Not surprising given the age and unknown provenance I suppose. New rings and head gasket on order, but I'm not convinced this will keep it from being a smoker. As usual, two very low mileage Blandits have instantly appeared in the local classifieds for about what the gasket and rings + motor are costing me, so yay for me! The motor is older than I thought and has
  13. This certainly appeals to my lazy side, but there's a fair bit of oily mess on the front which leads me to think I'd be pulling it again to fix leaks. Still, I guess I need to find them, and pulling the motor from a Bandit isn't the hardest job in the world, so it's probably not a bad idea. I guess I'm just not feeling lucky atm. Seems like I'd wind up in one of those click bait ads "This man just fitted a 1100M engine onto his Bandit. What happens next will make you cry laughing!"
  14. Well, being a glutton for punishment, I bought a secondhand GSXR 1127 motor off a guy whose basement looked like the holy of holies of slabbie worhip. About 6 complete slabbie 750's and 1100s of museum quality, with another pristine 1100 in the garage for day to day, alongside the skeleton a another 750 slabbie. Motors all over the place.I figured I'd forgo the Eblag experience and take my chances that this was a useable engine. They are not easy to find around here. Now, before anyone gets on me for fucking up the most basic dot-head conversion, let me say that upon further inspec
  15. Rev limit is currently pretty low ffs.. Sweated bullets all last weekend getting it back together. Ran like a streak of shit through a tin whistle with the 750 cams and dot head, then a massive smoke show. Something went in cylinder 4 and holed the cases. Snakebit project from start to finish. I'm probably just going to sell it on with the replacement motor, just a massive pissoff looking at it now.
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