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1100 WP Colour wiring schematic ?

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As part of my winter weight loss program, I'm replacing my clocks with a lovely set of Chinese Koso knock offs, as we know the instructions in Chenglish are interesting, particularly the power feed from the door lock " as it says for the permanent power.    Anyway to start matching wires up I need to understand what my existing ones do but my manual is a black and white PDF and when I blow it up to read I can't read the colour labels, so does anyone have one in colour?

Or can anyone confirm what these colour wires do  ( all from my current clock plug )

Yellow & black

black & Green

Blue & black

Black & red

I've got the power, ground, indicators , lights etc working so its the complicated bits like, tach, temp, fuel level etc that I need to sort out, any ideas?

Here's a pic


cheap clocks.jpg

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On 2/7/2020 at 8:50 PM, fuelline said:

How's it going fella?

Nearly there with the clocks, got them wired up but can't fully test them yet until I get it running again in a few weeks time. Just finishing the bracket for the clocks, finished mounting the speed sensor and bought more magnets to get a more consistent speedo feed.  final bit is then shortening the wiring to the clocks to keep it neat, need to work out the best way to do it or if the loom will pull back into the engine area between the frame.

speed sensor.jpg

front end.jpg

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