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  1. Sorry mate, totally forgot. From what I remember they were R1 big bang coils, don't know the year but I don't remember looking for a specific year. They're about 130mm long. Dan
  2. Sorry for the delay, been a busy month or so. I believe they're R1 coils, I'll measure one this weekend if I get time.
  3. I used Yamaha coils, slightly shorter than the gsxr ones.
  4. Fitted sticks on my bikes too, not for performance but reliability in the wet. The DR350 used to stutter and miss all the time in the wet, even with a new coil and ht lead. Now it doesn't miss a beat even riding through near airbox deep rivers.
  5. Can't attach a pdf but I can email them over if you want. from what I can see though Yellow & black - fuel light black & Green - coolant temp Blue & black - neutral Black & red - Tach
  6. I've got a pdf of the watercooled manual, I'll have a look tomorrow and see how clear the diagrams are.
  7. I've got one for a DR350 that I think someone on here liked to. Only info on it says coloured by hus. Googling it though, Kojaycat sell them laminated for £7.50
  8. I used them a few years ago for a DR350 shock rebuild, can't fault them. A friend used them earlier in the year as well with no problems.
  9. Seen it on a second hand motor I bought, don't know how long it had been sitting or whether they were genuine friction plates though.
  10. I've used a heat mat under the tank on the turbo 1100w, the tank and frame still get warm but I'm assuming it actually does something to help keep the tank cool.
  11. Its a 530 sprocket, went straight on without any problems
  12. That settles it then! I'd looked at gearing commander but only used a 180/55 tyre, using a 60 bumps the speed up a good amount. Using the buell rear wheel the smallest rear sprocket I can use is 42t, I've got a 17t on the front but can't find an 18t, don't know if it'll fit either.
  13. I've not worked it out but a friend has and there is a benefit to use 1st from the 750 box. Not sure how much though. I'll be trying it with the sprockets first obviously but I may as well look into the possibility of swapping gears to see if it can be done or not. If it's not possible/worth the effort I'll be buying spare clutch plates...
  14. Can they be shimmed though? I have an 1100 gearbox but nt a 750 to compare them.
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