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  1. Danm54

    Project; Whizzy Pop Slingshot

    Thats what I thought they were set at and was going to try a little less overlap. Will see how it goes at 110/110 then try it at 108/110
  2. Danm54

    Project; Whizzy Pop Slingshot

    Runs good, typically my boost gauge doesnt work now so I'll sort that out before the next dyno run.
  3. Danm54

    Project; Whizzy Pop Slingshot

    Dragged it down the shed this afternoon, fitted some split washers on the headers for now. Checked the cam timing and exhaust was spot on at 110 degrees, the intake was at 105 degrees though. I double checked everything and got the same results so I must have set it wrong last time. I remember going around in circles last time so I obviously confused myself! Left the exhaust cam alone and set the intake to 110 degrees, will get it on the dyno again and see how it goes. Needs a run out tomorrow first though.
  4. Some models were fitted with twin horns so I guess thats what the spare O/G and B/BL are for. The pink wire is connected on the RF9 and it retards the ignition in lower gears, its common to unplug it for more power in those gears. Guess it's just in the loom on a lot of models even though it doesn't do anything.
  5. Danm54

    Project; Whizzy Pop Slingshot

    Been on the dyno today getting a base figure before I play with cam timing a little. Pretty much the same as it was on Dans dyno. Lost 2 header bolts again so I'm going to try and find some stainless locking tabs and use hex bolts. Going to alter the intake cam a degree or 2 and see if it helps, either more power or smoother running at lower rpm.
  6. Danm54

    Engine Lifter

    Nice idea, can see it being useful if you remove engines regularly and much better than the one that bolts to the cam chain tensioner.
  7. Danm54

    Engine Lifter

    I remember one that bolted in place of the cam chain tensioner. Think there were concerns of lifting the engine on 2 M8 bolts in cast ally but it seemed to work ok.
  8. Think it was @nitrothat built the hybrid motor. He put the barrels and head on a W bottom end.
  9. Danm54

    Affordable oversize valves and titanium retainers

    If there's a place to get your OSS related products scrutinised, it's here!
  10. Danm54

    Turbo headers

    Inner 2 are close but outer 2 are different. Won't fit without cutting unfortunately.
  11. Danm54


    Think it can go in either way but if its worn then it might seat one way but not the other. Could turn the fuel off every night to help but it won't solve the problem.
  12. Danm54


    Still got the cv carb on it? Once mine started playing up no amount of rebuilds/cleans sorted it. Got a pumper carb in the end and never looked back.
  13. Danm54

    Removing Front Sprocket Nut

    Ride to your local friendly garage and get them to take it off with an impact gun. Pinch it up and ride home.
  14. Danm54

    750et swingarm swaps

    RF9 swing arm is narrower than the slingy one, bit shorter as well but should go in with some top hat spacers.