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  1. Sweet find looks a sound base once a proper motor is in. Seat unit needs to go in favour of something more period. If going with spokey wheels why not go with some RWU forks?
  2. What frame and tank is that?!
  3. This is exactly what's happened. Could it be due to the high comp big bore requiring more from the starter to spin it up and over time it's just given up? That's what my money is on.
  4. I will try the additional earth to frame. Haven't got one no. Have earth direct from cases to -ve on battery. so just run a suitable cable from a mount bolt to anywhere on frame?
  5. Did that CC, no joy. Took a direct feed from battery live to solenoid output, no joy. direct feed from battery live to starter motor connection, no joy. I'll try new HD wires and also check for good earth to crankcases but if not I've got a spare starter so will change that.
  6. Fecking thing!! Took the Harris Gsxr 1216 for an mot today (passed no advisories btw) but when starting before I went the starter motor was a bit wheezy and reluctant to go not like the normal fast spin it normally is. Now my bike has been sat for a while (5months) but it's been on the optimate all that time so the battery should be good. Wouldn't start at the mot station, jumped it and it fired straight away. Got home and put it back on optimate and checked an hour later and nothing, only clicking at starter solenoid. So me thinking it's the battery I put on another known good battery and same thing only clicking at solenoid aaaargh!! Swapped solenoid for another and again, same thing with new solenoid!! Ffs..... Checked fuses, have 12v at battery, different solenoid... Nothing. Is my starter motor fucked? Help!
  7. Interested also have some I'd like to fit to my Harris.
  8. Would also very much love to see pics of this!
  9. That exhaust system is sweet
  10. Very nice catch. Still some gems out there!
  11. How did you convert to side pull?
  12. 38's looking favourable But FCRs do look well trick....
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