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  1. Good answer thanks for the input.. Sounds like a no go.. i appreciate the airflow, i thought i aid this some how, but reading your answer im thinking the pipework would be too restrictive and i would probably need to be going quick to compensate for engine heat... Not chasing the numbers, this was more a thought on the 'fighter' side of the build than the turbo side. Not trying to squeeze an IC in, but found a taller in/out at the bottom that would be a nice solution to my seat units undertray and sit just behind the plenum for pipework. Just a functional aesthetic idea. Apprec
  2. Hi guys How much difference does an intercooler make? How efficiently does it have to run to make an improvement and can it have a negative effect if not running optimum? In short, can i run an underseat intercooler? Not chasing top performance, but dont want to hinder my set up, not going to lie... its for looks more than anything. But just a brainstorm at this point. . Appreciate the input.
  3. I like the APE studs. Block was apart from the 1216 boring out, seems worth the spend for piece if mind to me. I dont think you can honestly know if its money well spent, only way to find out is not spend it and have a problem. If they do there job you wont know. I would want the piece of mind if you are covering miles on it personally.
  4. Spot on. Cheers bud. Thats what i was thinking. But didnt want to assume and mess up my hard work!
  5. What about performance/set up differences? Standard length can vs stubby?
  6. I know alot of you guys run open pipes, but i want to run an endcan. Mainly for less day to day hassle, and for mot time. Ideally i want to run an under engine stubby. I know a stubby messes with the running of a NA engine. Whats the deal on a turbo'd engine? Same story?
  7. It's been done combined with a dot head. A cheap 1216. Can't remember the details. Not as good results as a 'proper' kit due to the compression though. But alot cheaper! Insurance on the turbo aint much more than a modded declared bike though.
  8. Any style that catches his interest can be done to a Bandit. If he is into his HD's, you can get sone nice frames for good prices to take the bandit that way. Google or pin interest is where to start
  9. 15.5 stone.. dont dodge enough salads... Its to go on my B12 with a vfr arm. The gsxr shock has resevour horizontal sticking out to one side. This might cause me a problem, fouling with my seat/subframe combo. Thats why im considering holding onto the Hagon. What you thinking FB?
  10. Thanks for help guys. Gives me options to consider, not there with it yet. But will keep ahold of the shocks to try instead of passing them on.
  11. Hey up. Got some options for my rear shock on a B12 build.. I have a say what now!? thou shock knocking about (not sure on yr, but its an earlier one). Or a mk1 bandit adjustable Hagon shock. The Hagons any good? Was planning on selling it on, but wondering if i should use it
  12. Interesting stuff, tagging along. Any information on wireing them in? Or loom pictures?
  13. Yeah agree, but the wheel im looking at has an offest meaning i should only need a 10mm spacer between my standard swingarm hub and my wheel inner face. So minimal extra stress i feel. And i reckon less than it gets if sticking with the 190mm and thrown around a track.
  14. The measurements all add up, stringline from the headstock lines up nicely, but proof is in the fitting, that cant happen without the wheel. So a reassuring eyeball is the best i have atm!
  15. Yeah. Thats the reasoning for the frame widening. The arm is offset to the left, and it still has the triumph wheel on with 190mm tyre. The tyre crudely offered up above is the intended 240mm. I havent yet sourced a wheel. But the tyre lined up with the left side of the existing wheel (to maintain the same as current wheel/tyre to sa clearence) looks pretty central too me. And well within tweaking capabilities to fit the larger rear inline.
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