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  1. Omegasteve


    Afternoon Rupe, welcome to the madhouse. Im currently in the process of rebuilding my 600 teapot and i'll be fitting a 1100f swinger with a kindly donated 4.5" slingy wheel. Im not sure what year yours is but from my own opinion the 4.5" wheel is bloody tight inside the mk1 standard swinger.
  2. Proud to be featured above and more than okay to use any pics mate. From my limited knowledge I'd agree, from my thoughts it'd be somewhere between the gsxr and the bandit in regards to frame stiffness and with relevant mods I'd think they could be made to go pretty well, as some on here have already proven. I'd like to think they are a great entry/mid level machine for track/fast road use. Thats what mine will eventually be getting use for anyway purely for cost of repairs and mod options.
  3. Brilliant thank you! I'm feeling pretty good about being able to get this done now!
  4. Is that peninsula? I did message but it's been read and not replied to.
  5. What work would need to be done to get a 750 in? Budget really is a real issue with this project and I don't want to spend more than I ideally need to.
  6. Thank you so much! I've got the plastic top gsxf carbs currently. I'll see if I can find a good mk2 then. The post 2000 gsxf would be a mk2 too wouldn't it?
  7. Do you know what, part of me was a little gutted. Part of me was a little relieved to maybe be one step closer to identifying the issues I've had getting this thing running. I've rebuilt bikes before but they've always just kind of worked after a little tinkering, this has been a headache so I'm excited and keen to be making progress again. The help from here is absolutely second to none as well and can't wait to actually be enjoying the thing! I'm a little fond of it it seems haha
  8. Helps massively mate, its really appreciated!
  9. Fantastic, I have new o rings en route anyway. Sounds like a plan! I've found a mk1 engine very local for £200. Just going to try and find out if a mk2 would be better.
  10. Fantastic! Thank you very much, I think that's the route I'll take. So the gsxf carbs won't run on the bandit engine? If not, not a massive issue. Are the mk2 b6 engines similar then?
  11. The issue with that is finding one. They aren't cheap and I don't want to spend any more than necessary to get it up and running.
  12. I think physically they look almost identical so I'm hoping so!
  13. I think the real call here is just a complete engine swap, I don't know the condition of the rest of the engine and if the head is that bad then there's a chance the bottom end ain't great either. Now I don't want or need more power, as lovely as a 750 or even a 1200 sounds. A 600 is plenty for me for now. Is a mk1 bandit 600 a straight swap. Retaining all the gsxf ancillaries and just swapping the motor itself? If so I'll find a good low miler and spend the time cleaning it up and swap it in. There's loads of them about and they are cheap!
  14. To save bombing the build thread, I'll put the question here if that's okay? So as it seems the cams and rockers are trash in my GSXF head it seems I need to replace. Now my question is whether the Bandit 600 head is a straight swap (no unfortunately they aren't identical), because if so I can get one. If they are a straight swap then as they are not shimmed it looks far easier to keep up with valve clearance maintenance whereas the GSX600F head needs shims replaced to do so. Anyone able to clear up if it's as easy as just swapping the head and cams from one to the other. Or does more change between the two? Pics of my cams and head to show.
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