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  1. https://sierramadrecollection.com/Loctite-574-Case-Sealant-p17329.html
  2. Cost of bits I am assembling for my project (GS1100G) Speeduino kit is around $A230. https://www.everythingfuelinjection.com/store/ Most expensive part would probably be the GSXR600 throttle body GSXR600. Not sure what they go for in UK but I got one in NZ for $250.with injectors, TPS, etc. Pump from ALiExpress about $NZ70, Madhu regulator $US30 https://www.madhu.com/content/Main/FuelPumpController Tuner Studio (free to $US100) Bits and piece will no doubt add far more than I expect
  3. Ikon (Konis made under licence in Australia) https://www.ikonsuspension.com/
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