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  1. +1 on what gixer1460 has stated. If I could add anything, It would be to eliminate any unnecessary electronics, lights, gauges, etc for troubleshooting purposes to get the most out of the charging system.
  2. Use a chassie or battery ground and test to be sure. Definitely looks like you aren't charging. Does the voltmeter show a charge when checked at the battery? Check voltage while everything is off. Then recheck with the engine running. Check both at the battery. If you see no increase or even a decrease in voltage while running that alternator is shot.
  3. I had the same issue once with a similar setup. Ended up being the alternator. It would produce power at idle to just before quarter throttle but just as the engine would get a load on it the alternator would fail. When it was failing there wasn't enough energy to produce proper spark on just the battery alone. Especially under boost at the same time. Took me weeks to figure it out.
  4. My apologies. Let me get that taken care of.
  5. Hello! New here. I've searched through the forums for my answer and was not able to find much. Lost a valve seat on a teapot 750 dot head. I can not find another dot head, but I have found several 1100 heads. Can anyone tell me if any of the 1100 heads from the short stroke engines will work. I know they will bolt on but will the combustion chamber diameter work with the 750 bore. Also will valves clear cylinder bore. I should also add this is a built engine with custom rods and pistons at 7.5:1 compression. It has been bored to 76mm. Running welded and reground cams. with blow through turbo setup. valve clearance to pistons may not be an issue. If anyone knows the fitment for a stock engine i can go from there. Thanks
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