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  1. Beevis

    DOP calipers

    This could be my clouded memory but I had an rg250 and it had 2x4 piston calipers on the front and 1 x 2 piston calipers on the back, which made a total of 10 pistons. Suzuki came up with DOP for deca opposed pistons.
  2. Have you fixed it? from recent experience of a similar problem I found pilot jets blocked and a low fuel level in the tank caused 1 and 2 to stop working before 3 and 4, no idea why.
  3. It's what happens when you type a word like Gurls blouse or say what now!?
  4. Just an update, it's working now, the float valve was sticking and not letting enough fuel in to make it run on 1 cylinder but enough to run out when opening the drain screw. Aren't carbs fun!
  5. just got back from the shops with a plug spanner.
  6. My bike (a 91 750 with 38mm carbs) had been left sitting for ages and the carbs had got gummed up. I had them all cleaned out and put them back on again with a new throttle cable. I got the bike to fire up on the choke and it was ticking over on all 4 cylinders off the choke when I discovered the new throttle cable was making the throttle valves open up (I had the cable off the twist grip, it was only when I connected it up that I noticed the throttle were opening). I took the carbs off again and modified the cable to make the throttle shut properly but then when I put it all back together ag
  7. What material is the needle spacer made from?
  8. Talking of huggers the one on my 91 750M is white plastic is that normal?
  9. f=36 r=42 (1bar =14.5PSI) which is the same as where we came in.
  10. He put a lot of work in, nice looking bike at the end of it all.
  11. I didn't notice that, utterly shocking . I'll get my coat.
  12. Nice build, white wheels for me too but what do I know.
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