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  1. Can confirm the ET tank fits a treat! Tap in the right place (actually have a bit more clearance).
  2. Feel free to post pictures of your Katana. I love 'em.
  3. Yep, not bothered about early fluted types. Quite liking the idea of an GSX1100ET tank now. They look like they go straight on and the tap looks to be in the right position. Anyone know for sure if it just drops onto the GS1000E frame? I know they are rare but there are a couple on Eblag right now that look good.
  4. Hmmmm, £800. Still seems quite steep. What about a decent paintjob? That would place it more expensive that the bay one. Who are the people for decent paintjobs nowadays? I am way out of touch. Used to be DreamMachine but are they still good? Any ballpark figures for a Cooley job on tank and tailpiece?
  5. How about the GSX1100ET tanks? Would love that aluminium race tank on Eblag, already painted blue/white Cooley scheme, but over a grand!!! And you have to move the coils too.
  6. Thanks chaps, will look at the G tanks. Is that what is fitted to Spamwoods GS?
  7. I expect this has been asked a million times, but don't shoot me down! I am on the hunt for a set of bodywork for my GS1000E. I have just managed to buy the sidepanels and tailpiece, so now just need the tank (and maybe the seat trim if I can find one). Seems tanks are hard to find so maybe looking at a GSX1100ET tank as I quite like the look of them, but turns out they are hard to find too! It seems easier to find a good GS(X)1100E tank, the US version of the GSX1100ET tank. Do these fit straight on the GS1000 frame? I see the fuel tap is further forward, but I assume this will still work? I assume it has 44mm tap threads so my 50mm tap won't fit.Any other clearance issues? Has anyone got pictures of the US GS1100 tank on a GS1000?
  8. http://www.debben.co.uk/ Based near me in Ringwood, Hampshire.
  9. Excellent, thank you. I will take a look at them. I did buy Renthals, but obviously not the right ones!
  10. What bars are you using, they look great? The width and bends are exactly what I am after for my GS1000. Tried a few now, but not happy yet.
  11. I've only just got my VM's running properly now! It has taken bloody ages to get them just right. In the end, I had to re-fit the 17.5 pilot jets and change to standard 95 mains. It has been a bit of a nightmare removing and refitting the carbs and generally tweaking them in but they are perfect now. I used a Morgan carbtune to sync them but getting the mixture right was impossible without the Gunson colourtune. Now I have always found these to be crap, but with the VM's that have the fuel and air screw adjustment, they are essential! I set the fuel screw to 3/4 turns out on all carbs and the air screw to 1.5. Then you can either use the carbtune or colourtune to determine which cylinders are running lean. I could see with the carbtune that cylinders 1 and 4 were popping as the metal rods bounced violently whenever the motor popped. Initially I suspected coil issues, so changed these and the popping remained. So, another quarter turn on 1 and 4 fuel screws and popping stopped. I then tweaked each air screw using the colourtune and they are all wherever the colourtune told me was optimum. Very happy with the carbs now.
  12. Thank you, I'll check them out.
  13. Looking to put standard jets back in the GS1000 carbs (#95 mains and #15 pilots) but where is the best place to pick these up? I assume I should stick to genuine Mikuni jets? Thanks chaps.
  14. I fitted Gazi shocks. Price in the UK is way too much but found some listed on Amazon for £330 (search 'GAZI shock absorbers 330 mm with black spring fork'). I was worried as they have a different paint job (these are from Italy) but came with the chunky 15mm rods and the shop fitted heavier springs for me at no charge. Arrived in 2 days too! Rose jointed top eye but the lower forks are 20mm so I needed to machine a couple of mm to fit the swing arm. Very nice ride.
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