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  1. Has anyone fitted a k8 swingarm into an 1100K frame, how hard was it to fit?
  2. Guys I'm looking to use a k4thou swingarm in my 1100k frame I'm just wondering do I need the swingarm spindle from the k4 or the 1100
  3. Redpear


    Do you have a photo of them?
  4. On the subject of forks and wheels will k7 yokes fit a slingshot with the bearing swap or would it be a stem swap I know k1-4 thou forks fit with a different bearing are these the same?
  5. Redpear


    Does anybody have an 1100k top shock mount or the measurements for it so I can get one made up?
  6. Redpear

    1100 frame

    It's not threaded and it is indeed
  7. I don't think that's the case I'm sure that del ran a set of 750 downpipes on his 1100k and all he did was swamped the 1100k sump and oil pickup for a blandit one, I could be wrong though
  8. Redpear

    1100 frame

    I'll have a look tomorrow and let you know I don't think it's threaded from what I can remember
  9. Do you guys have either of those aftermarket coolers for sale?
  10. Redpear

    1100 frame

    Hi guys can any of you tell me which 1100 slingshot frames came with a removable top shock mount and how I can tell which model frame I have
  11. cheers guys ill take a look on fleabay and see what I can come up with
  12. I don't have a cooler I'm building the bike from the frame up but I'll have a look for them cheers
  13. I'm putting a b12 motor into a slingshot frame and I'm looking at aftermarket oil coolers and am just wondering how many rows the cooler should have as a minimum
  14. What length dog bones did you use on your race bike for this arm?
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