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  1. gsx

    Carbon fibre body work

    X 5 cash flow depending
  2. gsx

    1200 Bandit running rough, carb problems

    BST 36 s . . . Emulsion tubes at a guess
  3. gsx

    1990 gsxr750m

    I'll have the bodywork
  4. gsx

    Kat ready for MOT

    Nice Kat , is it a 400 ? Engine looks snug
  5. gsx

    Gsx750es options

    Feel your pain , bought a 500 sov 750 m just after I lent (gave) me lad a permanent loan . Get it and eat beans for rest of month
  6. gsx

    Ets new clothes - take 1

    Perseverance grasshopper , seriously not to my taste but no doubting your skill and patience
  7. gsx

    Gs550 JMC Swingarm interchange

    Did it years ago and shocks are fine ,dontana just love Suzuki ,not sure about wheel spindle sizes though . I've got a spare 11 arm ,bought two cheap a bit back
  8. gsx

    GSX 1200

    Nope they were just sleeping but got big gloves on
  9. gsx

    Gs550 JMC Swingarm interchange

    Lol yeah cash is always an issue , paid 100 quid to have all above done to a bandit 12 arm . Local engineers are always worth looking into first
  10. gsx

    GSX 1200

  11. gsx

    Gs550 JMC Swingarm interchange

    Bandit arms are cheap and will go in with top hats
  12. gsx

    Gs550 JMC Swingarm interchange

    All gs gsx pivot widths the same , the thou has a bigger spindle than the 550 though
  13. gsx

    GSX 1100 pod filters vs. airbox

    Up jetting is an option with pods , give grumpy 1260 a bell and see if an air corrector kit is available for your model . Alternatively try some 36 mm carbs from a gsxr , got some on mine and massive improvement, 34 mm tin tops off power screen or early gsxr 11 work well too . Have got a set of these set up for gsx 11 ,not for sale but can let you know mains and pilots if you go that route