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  1. I'm in Yeovil so close enough. I knew Brian through my wife. She worked at DEK in the 90's & as she rode a gsxr, they became friends.
  2. I did think that was where you lived. Back in the day when Skidmarx were Acrybre they could make anything & Brian who owned it was a real character. Hopefully they haven't binned all the tooling.
  3. Don't skidmarx do something?
  4. Yes you are right but I have seen this on a Gsxr after a master cylinder recall where the ASV lever that worked previously caused the same & cooked the discs. I guess the differences must be very small so care is needed regardless of the origin of the part.
  5. I wouldn't trust Chinese safety critical hydraulic parts. Not worth the risk. Brake levers though are a different deal. Standard levers are made from cast alloy whereas the Chinese CNC levers are made from bar or plate allegedly 6061. It's unlikely that it would be possible to load the lever enough to break it when braking. I have been using Chinese CNC levers for a very long time without any issues.
  6. Think you mean retarding the timing. Advance will make it kick back more
  7. Whatever you do don't follow any of the advice on the GS resources link. The guy who attempted it was oblivious to his lack of skill & reluctant to listen to advice & he ultimately failed. It is a prime example of what not to do. Arttu was a great help to me when I did my kat.
  8. Couple of questions Is the spacing between the pairs of throttle bodies ok for your engine. Will they fit your inlet rubbers
  9. Oiled filters in the rain are pretty much the same whether they are foam or cotton. Neither are as good as an o.e. filter tucked away in an airbox but it's all about compromises.
  10. I have done similar but I used the rubbers with Ramair foam filter socks over them rather than k & n's. As has been said the solid end of the k & n seems to cause some sort resonance which messes with fueling. Will be interesting to see what happens if you compare this to how it runs with just the rubber trumpet & no k & n.
  11. gsxr600 srad arm will take a 6 inch rim & is also short
  12. Throttle bodies for me. Light throttle & easy to tune. Previously the motor felt better on 34mm Amals than rs38s
  13. When Kat's were raced back in the day the antidive was usually disabled or disconnected as it compromised the already crap brakes & could cause instability.
  14. You can always put an extra photo in the listing with a sign on the bike with your email & phone number. Bit late now I know but handy in the future.
  15. Ramair regeneration kit (their words) arrived today. Expensive for what you get. The cleaner is some sort of detergent. They say it can be reused. The oil is very thin & not sticky like normal filter oil. Doesn't smell strongly of solvent but does dry quickly on the hands to leave an oily residue, not tacky but you know it's there. When it's in the bottle it has the viscosity of fresh milk. No thicker. The instructions say for general road use, filters only need a very light coating of oil, over oiling can cause restriction to the filters use. The pipercross oil kit I have looks to be better as it's 2 X aerosols though again only small 100ml, but make application easier. Just dust on a light coat & let it soak in. The oil viscosity & tackyness seem about the same. See pics for what you get from Ramair.
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