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  1. If you are machining the block to achieve zero deck height, is this with the base gasket included in that calculation? Do you have a piston to head clearance (squish) figure in mind? In my experience you have to build the motor, measure & then machine to get it right
  2. The lift figures match those in the Suzuki manual for gsxr1100k which is reassuring.
  3. In that case it needs to be 0.036" to include the base gasket
  4. You probably need to do the charging mod that is stickied at the top of this page to prevent over voltage killing it
  5. Are you sure about the compressed head gasket figure? Doesn't seem right to me. I believe the head gasket is 0.7mm, the base 0.2mm
  6. I've had a few replacement sets from ABE & also a set from Poland & a set from China. The quality was great on all of them.
  7. He's saying that you can tune as much as you like but gearing is a ratio that is unaffected by an increase in horsepower.
  8. Interesting. So are you running a different primary gear or modified gearbox?
  9. According to gearing commander, that sprocket setup gives 68.8mph at 4k. It could be wrong though
  10. As the G model cams seem to be very similar to the MK1 bandit & the power figures as standard would confirm that, I'm sure that someone with a dot head on a bandit will be along in a minute. I have seen elsewhere, a MK1 with a skimmed head make just under 120rwhp so worth the effort
  11. I might be missing something here but why have you listed the specs for the 600 in your chart?
  12. It's an expensive day out to look around a glorified bike shop. If you add up the amount you've paid for fuel, parking, tickets & rubbish food, you could buy something useful instead for your bike.
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