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  1. GSX 1100 pod filters vs. airbox

    Up jetting is an option with pods , give grumpy 1260 a bell and see if an air corrector kit is available for your model . Alternatively try some 36 mm carbs from a gsxr , got some on mine and massive improvement, 34 mm tin tops off power screen or early gsxr 11 work well too . Have got a set of these set up for gsx 11 ,not for sale but can let you know mains and pilots if you go that route
  2. Swirl's Harris

    That's a result mate
  3. Katana 1100 gearing

    18 /48 with 530 conversion and 17 s , as said above ,gearing commander is your friend
  4. BST 38s

    Hi all ,gotta 750 L with goose d float bowl , are they the same as the bst 36 ? As got parts set for them
  5. Exhaust header configuration

    Me gsxr 11 sounded like a twin and was very flat with 1,4 and 2,3 didn't sound any louder with silencer off either , builder did it by mistake when I asked for a 4,2,1 system
  6. Tire centered in frame??

    Gotta be me all-time katana
  7. Wish I had the patience , just picked up a cheap slingy with orrible yellow paint and residue of reckless stickers , sanded in the bath , rinsed in the shower and sprayed in the kitchen , missus could still smell it on Saturday when she came round, me and the cat must be nose blind lol .still looks orrible but satin black
  8. Gsxr 1100 L

    Me katana is worth ten grand according to flea bay , cost 4 to build and would prob get between 3 and 4 . Like others have said pay what your comfortable with if it's a keeper
  9. Tire centered in frame??

    Just curious and maybe missing something but how did you make sure the spread was even ?
  10. Back in the day 2 ....

    It's a busa and it's still up . . Mods must be going soft ! Original and bloody nice bike though
  11. Exhaust Design

    Well cool
  12. Who is running R36 Mikunis on a 1052 engine?

    130 mate after lots of squinting and magnifier on phone ,could do with fitting couple of inline filters by sediment that came out !
  13. Who is running R36 Mikunis on a 1052 engine?

    I'm on it , off in shed now lol
  14. Who is running R36 Mikunis on a 1052 engine?

    I'll have a look for you tonight