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93-94 gsxr1100 swingarm on gs1100


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I had purchased a rolling chassis was advertised as gs750.

Turns out it was 1100 with basket case 750 engine parts.

Installed spare Katana 1000 4 valve motor, GSXR front end.

The swingarm I found on evilbay.

80 usd

Pivot assembly 25 usd. I had a spare 07/1000 rear shock.

The swingarm to frame bolt is smaller on the GS.

I used swingarm spacers from a Bandit 1200 conversion kit.

Luckily same size.

This made the swingarm width 1/8" wider on each side.

I took my saw all and cut both inner bolt mounts almost flush with inside of frame.

I cut off original rear master cylinder mounts, front and rear battery box mounts and replaced both with 3/4" steel pipe with a cross brace for top shock mount.

Lower pivot mount I made, but required cutting off left center stand mount.

The right center stand mount stayed and was also welded too for more support.

 Top shock bolt placement was critical for shock to swingarm clearance.

Still going to add a couple more supports for top mount plates made with 1/4" plate steel.

It seems shock spring is very close to correct for me as well.

Originally thought I'd use a 2005 gsxr600 5.5" rim, but the center or wheel with carrier outs wheel center too far right.

Ordered a 93 gsxr1100 wheel straight spoke and carrier on the cheap.

Painted black it should match pretty well and get centerline back to the left.

Thought I'd add here for anyone interested.

I use a 75/25 argon mig if curious. I always try to add more strength than I think is necessary.








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