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Found 4 results

  1. Thanks to the help of may here and my lucky fumblings I have been able to get my 1981 GS550L running. While working on solving an electrical issue I notice some liquid dripping from the left muffler (White Circle). This liquid seems to be dripping from a bolt/insert/,,,,something (Red Arrow). Sitting still the liquid looks to be building up on this item (Green Arrow) before falling to the floor. Thinking this could be oil coming from the engine somewhere, I climbed under while running I can see the liquid sometime spraying directly from the exhaust out of the bolt thing (Red Arrow). This liquid seems to only be coming mainly from the left side. I think I have seen a few drops on the right side, but it is like a 99/1 ratio. I gave the liquid the finger rub test and maybe kind of oily but I would call is more water like. Also it doesn't smell like gas or burn oil. Also not getting a thick black exhaust that would make ma think super rich mixture or burning out. So I am a bit lost. Could it be water? If so where could it be coming from? If oil is there a way to enter the exhaust without burning?
  2. Hi everyone. I have been working on getting my barn find 1981 GS550L running. I picked it up for $100 and it has been a fun learning experience. From solving the legal tittle issues, to cleaning out mouse droppings and bedding from,,, well everything. I made a big step forward last week (Well big to me). It fired! After cleaning and replacing the dead CDI with a EDI, it sparked and after some starter fuel bingo bongo it roared to life. I am stoked! Until then I was really wondering if I had a paper weight. But now I have questions. As I am starting to rebuild the carbs my mind floated to the engine oil. 35 years in a barn, that oil has to be more sludge then oil. My question is what should I do? Is there a recommended process, product or deity to pray to? Thank you everyone. Have an awesome day!
  3. Hello, I have been wondering if my bike would benefit from switching to 10W50 full synthetic instead of 10W40 semi synthetic. Both castrol power 1, but racing for the full synthetic of course. My bike has 70k km (45k miles) on it, and some of my friends told me that the old bike would benefit from the thicker oil. What are your opinions. Best regards Morten
  4. Hello all. I am new to the Suzuki Community and am very excited what is ahead of me on this. I am looking forward to getting a new to me but old to age a 1990 GS500e. It's saw better days, it seems to need a carb rebuild kit (already ordered), needs a battery (will pickup in the future), But on the right side of the engine case, there is a hole about the size of a half-dollar. It is a common thing on most of the GS's that I see, but a lot of times I see them covered by a Suzuki Emblem, I would think that it needs a plug or something, such as some dual sports, they are called Engine Plugs. Was just curious if I need to buy a part for this or if I can just throw the adhesive logo over it? attached files are both of the right side of the bike, please look down at the engine case and give me some feedback. Thank you all -Ricky
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