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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Guys. I'm back with some more questions about my GS. So I currently want to make a custom exhaust from stainless steel myself.. obviously a pipe that's already ready to be cut sort of thing. Yes, I understand that basically straight piping the bike is bad and will create a vaccum to suck cold air in, yes I know. I understand all of the risks. What I do not understand is what to use and where to even start? It's a 1990 GS500E. I want to cut down past the can about maybe 6-8 inches and create an outer facing hole so instead of the exhaust end-hole facing behind me, it faces directly to my left or at an angle towards the back. Someone please fill me in on how and what I can do to get this started.
  2. Hello all. I am new to the Suzuki Community and am very excited what is ahead of me on this. I am looking forward to getting a new to me but old to age a 1990 GS500e. It's saw better days, it seems to need a carb rebuild kit (already ordered), needs a battery (will pickup in the future), But on the right side of the engine case, there is a hole about the size of a half-dollar. It is a common thing on most of the GS's that I see, but a lot of times I see them covered by a Suzuki Emblem, I would think that it needs a plug or something, such as some dual sports, they are called Engine Plugs. Was just curious if I need to buy a part for this or if I can just throw the adhesive logo over it? attached files are both of the right side of the bike, please look down at the engine case and give me some feedback. Thank you all -Ricky
  3. Hello, I recently purchased a custom GS550, though I am unable to find the numbers online that correspond to the ones on mine. The frame number is GS550-107576 & the engine number is GS550-107758. Any help finding more specific information on this would be great. Thank you
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