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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm new to this forum but thanks for adding me. Near me a quite nice 1982 GS1100e has come up for sale and I think I want to buy it as he's asking a fair price. The only problem is that it has some pretty extensive engine work such as a 1300cc big bore, aggressive cams, welded crank, back cut trans, carbs, the whole thing. Should I be worried about things like reliability? I can work on my own stuff for sure but I was kind of wondering what all "comes with the territory" when buying something this modified. The seller seems to be very knowledgeable and upfront so I'm not worried about him. Should I just pull the trigger and live a little? Or could this be a potential nightmare? Thanks for reading!
  2. I have been looking for parts for an engine build on. 1982 GS1100G. There are a lot of piston options out there in both size and compression. I am trying to figure out how big can we go on the stock cylinder/sleeve before needing to resleeve. I'm not saying I am going to just hog it out to the max, I just want to know what my limits are so I can weigh the costs of different options. Thank you.
  3. I have a GS1000 crank that I need to rebuild and put my straight cut primary drive on. I have a good crank in bike now, but have had a spare crank on the shelf for years that I was intending on doing the gear swap. That crank has bad bearings after sitting for over 12 years. So I need new bearings. It looks like GS1000, GS1100, and various other GSbikes have the same bearing part numbers. Suzuki has 5 of the 6 needed bearings still available. But I had no idea how freakin expensive they are....WTF. Anyone have a source for the same quality or better bearings for crank rebuilds?....or a source for the NLA end bearing?
  4. Hi Guys Anyone know whether a Kawasaki dished sprocket fits an 81 1100? I'm aware of grumpy1260 and performance spares but £60+ seems a touch steep and if there is a readily available alternative... Any help appreciated
  5. Ive got an 81 gs650g that im trying to swap a 82 gs1100gk motor into and wanted to know if this was possible without cutting up my frame. I mostly wanna just bolt into place and wouldnt mind making new mounts if i have to. Any and all help appreciated. Tia.
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