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Found 8 results

  1. I have a GS1000 crank that I need to rebuild and put my straight cut primary drive on. I have a good crank in bike now, but have had a spare crank on the shelf for years that I was intending on doing the gear swap. That crank has bad bearings after sitting for over 12 years. So I need new bearings. It looks like GS1000, GS1100, and various other GSbikes have the same bearing part numbers. Suzuki has 5 of the 6 needed bearings still available. But I had no idea how freakin expensive they are....WTF. Anyone have a source for the same quality or better bearings for crank rebuilds?....or a source for the NLA end bearing?
  2. I have a problem with a high compression GS1000 engine- the man who owns the bike was told to run copper head gaskets in his 12:1 compression GS1000 but the copper gasket is leaking oil in a bad way. There are no o-rings in between the head/jugs, just the gasket. I’d like to switch to MLS or find a way to stop this copper one from leaking. Any suggestions? I’ve got no experience with copper head gaskets whatsoever
  3. I recently painted the 2 front & single rear calipers on my 1979 Suzuki GS1000L cafe racer project. The breakdowns and rebuilds went smooth for all 3. Both front calipers were a very simple and smooth install, but the rear caliper is giving me some real trouble. The pistons on both sides are nicely settled or compressed respectively, but the space between the pads is very tight ..sqeezing back onto the disc very tightly and grinds across as I slide it in place for mounting. Any tips as to what I'm missing here or would this remedy itself once I get everything going. Some touchups will be necessary after the amount of times I've taken this one apart trying to figure out some kinda remedy. It just seems like a very tight grip in comparison with how easily the front had gone. I should mention this is my first attempt at a job like this. Thanks so much for any help!
  4. Hi, i am new to this.. (sorry i missed out on the introduction.. fair enough!!) i have a GS1000H from 1980 and my carburetors are used out. I would like to replace it. i found a refurbished carburator form a GS1000LN from 1979 that looks good. my question is, do they fit? my GS1000 has a Mikuni VM26SS and here are the specification from the seller about the GS1000LN: Mikuni 26mm GS1000 OEM carbs (pictures attached) Measurements : eng side : IS = 26.7mm OS = 33.9mm (aprox) Spacing center/center : left / rt banks = 75mm each + between 2 = 96.5mm thank you very much for your help and have a nice day
  5. Hi all, bit keen but I'm just trying on the tent etc ready for next weekend's rock and bike fest at carnfield hall. Setting off from Cornwall on Thursday morning. Is anyone else going? Will be my longest run on the old gs so far, so fingers crossed nothing major falls off. I have a few spanners and a baby bottle of loctite in my bag just in case.
  6. Is there any info on the site or the available archives that details the modifications required to fit a GS1000 lump in an 1100 Slabby frame? Thanks
  7. Hi folks, just joined. I was a member here years back on the old forum (don't know if anyone remembers?), but 10 years ago I had a break from bikes after about 27 years of being pretty intense about it, and sold my 7/11 to a friend. Long story. Anyway, just recently I had a go on a cousin's bike, and decided I needed one. So I bought two! I approached the new (if you can call 10 years new) owner and he agreed to sell the bike back to me as he hadn't been using it that much and has other irons in the fire. (I believe he's a member here BTW). I originally bought the bike as a stock 750 back in 97, and it's gone through various iterations since then. Currently it is 1085 Wiseco, Kent Race Cams, Mikuni flatslides, GSXR1100g/h forks, Metmachex swinger etc etc. It does 110bhp at the back wheel. I've sold it twice and bought it back both times now. (I know, WTF!!) The first pic is when it was reviewed by Classic Mechanics, and the second was taken yesterday Cheers! Martin.
  8. While looking through some of the old site files I came across these. I just had to put them up in the vault. Have a tissue handy.
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