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  1. Cheers mate they sent me a Gurls blouse nc750 as a hire bike, its nasty , its like a ginger stepchild with wheels
  2. Thank you for all the messages, I'm still feeling like I have been beaten by a gorilla, but any accident u can walk away from is a good one, the old bill have arrested the man for driving with undue care, I had two lovely ladies that stopped to give witnesses statements so that should help, already found a frame for 90 quid and a few other parts so hopefully it will give me something to do over the winter lol , plus I needed a reason to fit the gsxr 1000k1 system I have for it ,working this week has hurt like a bitch as I have only just started a new job too
  3. Thank you, I think I found my next project
  4. Last Friday I had a free flying lesson, curtesy of an a4 audi, traffic slowed down to around 10mph and some thundering cockwobble with his cruise control set at 70mph decided to ass rape me , well I launched like apollo 13 on mission, and almost cleared the car in front, over taking in true style without my bike , landing hard and ending up on my back , after 10mins of being out cold in the third lane on the motorway I arose to find out what the fuck went down to see this damage
  5. I fitted a 750 complete fairing to my 1100m , but it didn't come with the lights, so yea mate they fit in the hole lol
  6. I had something similar with my 1100 m , but that was 40mm carbs, I only got rid of the flat spot when I fitted an oem airbox , if I used pods or twin pods it had a really bad flat spot at 3k, and as I fucked about with jets needles ect, (carbs was completely rebuilt with oem parts, and sonic cleaned) it just moved up and down the range
  7. I have just seen that zx12r 2000 are 6 pot nissin with 90mm spacings but I don't know if anyone has ever used them on a suzuki
  8. I have always found the four pots to give a better feel than the 6 pots, if u can find them nissin make some totally trick cnc 6 pots,
  9. Does anyone use these tre boxes, are they any good or is it snake oil ? Cheer
  10. The ones that are on their way are the yank ones,
  11. Hi, on the last few bits and bobs to get my tl sorted, I just wonder if any has any yoshimura pipes on there tl, and if they are handed, as I have a set in post but the left hand one has some small dents, I was gonna take the stickers off and swap them over so the dent is on the inside, then get some new stickers , but as I don't have them yet I wondered if this could be done, I can't wait to take the micron ones off and get the new music makers put on
  12. Hi does any one know the type of plug connector that the rad fan switch uses please, as I want to add a switch so I can manually active the fan, thank u
  13. I have always found that the dyno jet kit needles are made from a harder material than the standard, and can bounce against the main jet and tubes causing them to oval , I heard factory pro kits needles are better but I have never seen any, there was a plan flying around for some top hat spaces that you put in the top of the needles to hold them better in the slides to stop the bouncing around, I ran 128 mains with a side v and h pipe, which worked well,
  14. You could always get the outer tubes coloured anodised to suit , there are a few company's that offer this now, abe engineering in London for one mate
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