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    Hey Swiss Toni! I'm in the process of doing my project write up so far. It's a long read, but I've included stacks of photos! riffer.
  2. riffer


    What are the odds? Sorry for the thread dredge, I'm from Upper Hutt, 30kms north of Wellington, New Zealand, and I'm restoring a popup katana too. From starting with a disaster zone found in the back of a shed exposed to the elements I've nearly finished the rolling chassis, starting with dismantling everything and sandblasting and painting the frame, and only putting back on it stuff that looked and worked like new. I've just found a Yoshimura Big Block 810cc kit - well, secondhand barrels and pistons - so looks like that will be going on too. The shock on the bike is completely rotted out so I'm gonna need another one. Any ideas on good replacements - at the moment I'm looking at a Hagon GSX750ESD shock but if there's a secondhand one that would fit well I'm all ears. I'll throw something up in the projects section and ask some more questions there.
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