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My Old SRAD 600 The Happy Slapper

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Sadly sold but so enjoyed riding the little slapper. BTR ride height adjuster, Adelin brake mastercylinder, this worked a treat and very impressed with feel and power. Stripped of decals as were pretty badly faded. After market clip ons set further forward which made it muchIMGP8328.thumb.JPG.1910f90fd06da1e53374fb9951f6821b.JPGIMGP8324.thumb.JPG.1d477f0205fe33bf1d79da994595d402.JPGIMGP8322.thumb.JPG.03ba8e2cac9979f15136b02b15caed2b.JPGIMGP8294.thumb.JPG.a384997fb16e06ad4a827b0e9d8c73c6.JPG

more comfotable to ride. If you can call a SRAD comfortable.

Also did the airbox modification to improve air flow. Felt completely different afterwards, much free`er revving

Last but not least a pair of chinese rearsets which I was very impressed with quality

Wish I hadn`t sold it, but that`s life

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