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  1. Were your plugs wet? Is there definitely fuel getting through? Dave
  2. What kind of 'glue' do you guys use for sticking the lower tank rubber thing on (item 9 on the pic)? Dave
  3. Thanks to MotorcycleSpareParts https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/en for supplying one of the three decals I need... Dave
  4. Well it turns out that Robinsons didn't have the sticker in stock at all! Back to the drawing board for that side then... Dave
  5. Managed to get one sticker from Robinsons Foundry, as it was heavily discounted; and the other originals from here - https://www.oemmotorparts.com/oem2.asp?M=Suzuki Dave
  6. Oh right - yeah I'm after the white 'flashes' on the lower bit of the fairing and the top blue/dark/blue/white ones for the top fairing just below the mirrors. Dave
  7. Yeah and Suzuki don't have them..! Dave
  8. Unfortunately the image works couldn't help me. Anyone know of any other provider of Suzuki decals/stickers? Dave
  9. According to the manual it should be a FTX-9BS. So a decent YTX-9BS will do. Dave
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