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  1. Hi guys just an up date. Went through everything. Changed the CR9 plugs for CR10's. Nothing, drained all the gas. It looked bad. Yellow and oily. Fresh gas and it started, Synchronised the carbs and did a 25mile blast with no issues. So was the gas, which seemed impossible to me as bike had only been parked for a week, when it first refused to start. Or was it the plugs. Which ever it was, thanks to everyone who offered help..... My parting wisdom is "check and double check the bloody obvious!" Lol.
  2. Thanks for that Kat-angler. Lot of sense there. But this is making no sense to me. Checked all ht leads with spare spark plug resting on engine. Could see a spark on all leads. Took air filters off. Sprayed carb cleaner into carbs, whilst hitting starter button. Absolutely nothing. The only logic I see is that all 4 plugs packed up simultaneously. Is that even possible.? Can there be a weak spark.? Strong enough for me to see easily butt not enough to light gas or carb cleaner? Dirty connection? Where to clean? Thanks again.
  3. Hi Dave. Not yet mate it's perplexing. But working through options with people on a lovely friendly forum. God bless America. Lol.
  4. I don't mind a piss take, can't be faking doing with dicks ignoring you ask for help and telling to go buy a book or take it to a garage. Will double check spark, but can't see both coils packing up, can you? Cheers.
  5. Thanks Dave, it hasn't got one, not had one since I bought it. Think wires are just soldered together.
  6. I see forums are still populated by the usual fu* tw* then. Lol. Any helpful people hanging on in here?
  7. Haaaaa. Don't the side stand switch only cut out once in gear? bafm? Rtfm? What's that?
  8. Hi guys. Need some help. Only had a stripped down bike for a couple of months. Rode it about 100 miles over the weekend. Left it parked up in garage. One week later, it simply won't start. Sounded like putt putt putting on one or two cylinders. All electrics seem to be all working. Neutral light on. Turns over strongly. Oil pressure switch wire had come off but I've put a new connector on and refitted. Taken tank off and checked HT leads and plugs. All look good. Put auxiliary fuel tank straight to carbs. Checked fuses. Not firing on an
  9. Hi guys I've a modified, stripped down 1992 GSXR 750 (W) . It runs but I think it's running rich and seems to bog down at times. Looks like lots of carb hoses and breathers aren't connected. Anyone got clear images or diagrams of what needs to go where and where they come from? I'd also like to attempt syncing the carbs, can borrow gauges but never attempted it before. Advice welcome. Thank in advance.
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