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  1. Ok.. Thank you all That was what I needed to know. I thought the frame is was off bij 5 mm, the frame was modded by someone before I got it and mods have been cut away. So I was not sure if would fit original parts . Now all i have to do is..see if I can find the pivot bolt somewhere . Thanx again.
  2. It's been some time that I spoke or wrote Englisch . I mean the width at the Swingarm Pivot ...I think . I want to get the frame checked if it is straight.. they want the frame with wheels.. swingarm and fork.. I have a fork and wheel that fit, swingarm and rear wheel, I will need to get, so if the size is off at the pivot witch i think it is ..It won't fit. So......Can someone tell me is the the swingarm at the pivot 23 or 23.5mm Many Thanx
  3. Hello all.. Can anyone tell me what the build in size is of the swingarm ? I think the frame size is off, I thought it was 23 mm but am measuring 23.5 mm, is this correct? Many thanx.
  4. Love the katana There is a great bit of info in the second post in the oil cooled section. Al you need to know about what carbs will fit. Good luck
  5. 2008 is a while ago.. can't remember what I did back then. I will just see what I can find, and try is out. I already have a nice stainless steel one waiting in the shed, its an hand made one for a gsx1100e .It should fit. Got a swingarm coming my way now I just need a rear shock and to find someone who can weld it in place. But I got some time to kill.
  6. Hey Isleoman, Thank you for your reply. Swingarm .. that's it .. Must be the pain medication . @Blubber, Thanx for that. Will keep my eyes out for some bst 36 carbs then. Did you have to change a lot in the carbs to get it working nice?
  7. Hello All, Since I am stuck at home due to a Back injury I am trying to get some parts for my 1100EFE. Im am looking in to buy a complete RF900 Schwingarm since it is supposed to be a direct swap for a bandit one and they look great on an EFE. What shock link arm ,dogbones and rear shock would be advised or what do most use with their EFE. I will get the welding done by someone who knows how to .. so am looking for a clean setup. Been reading lots about swapping the carbs to.. this I would like to do as well since I love the setup with k&n dualpodfilters. If I am no
  8. Hey guys.. Thanx for the help. I did it the way Wraith explained.. and it seems to have worked. Before I used 1 angle iron and locked the wheel in place using washers, and the measurements where off. Still think its weird the original wheel was of center. I took a quick look today, it looks like the gs500 sprocket carrier is a bit narrow. Using these measurements the rear sprocket goes back 6 or 7 mm , I will try the 600f later this week and see what it does. I never welded or used a lathe.. I have to get someone to do this.. so i better measure 3 time
  9. Hello all.. I am trying to swap wheels in my gsx750es..and am running in to some issues. I took out the rear wheel to try out the one from a gsx750f. When the wheel is in the middle of the swingarm it is about 10 mm of with the front wheel. Been trying all sorts of combinations, the 750f sprocket holder.. a gs500 sprocket holder.. I even put the original wheel back in to see whats up.. and it's not even in the middle, and has about 6 mm Offset from the front. After fiddling around for half a day it tried it on an other es frame and swingarm..and same issue.
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