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  1. Thanks guys.. I'm not going to do it the old-fashion way so LED it is. I came across the license plate bolts looking for a small LED light and do like the way it looks. Same place has some small plate LED lights, so I ordered both to see what I prefer. I also have a Bandit 1200 wheel coming this way to see if its a good match. What about the rear suspension and link ? I would like something a bit more modern and the rear up a bit. I have to get the parts, and have a welder who is willing to get the frame ready so suggestions are more then welcome. Next week I am getting the frame checked to see if it is OK to use since there is some rust. It needs to be sturdy enough to use, then my slow project will begin.
  2. Thanks wraith, I'll look in to them.. it seems to be a nice solution to shine some light on my plate. I went looking for a vin number... but no luck. I did found out it's frame number GR7BA-101xxx, it had a banana swingarm, and curved spokes. Miss Google tells me it's properly a 92 or 93. If not please correct me. What straight spoke wheels would be the one to get in without to much trouble. I got a rf900 rear wheel, so they need to match.
  3. Hey Captain, Thanks for the reply.. I'll dive in my archives tomorrow, see if I can find the vin number... just to be sure.. I recall it to be a 94, but I had it for a long time.
  4. Hello all.. I have some more questions.. and its a long list.. but will try to keep it short. Still collecting parts for my efe, and I am looking for a back-light or taillight... Not asking for 1 here but is some 1 offers me 1 I will not complain.. On my first efe the rear fender was real short, and the license plate was mounted below the taillight and the plate was lit. There was A clear piece in the middle so the plate would lite up. Now I have looked at all the member projects and most efe related post but so far no luck finding one like it. My first question.. Has anyone here adapted the taillight so it lits up the license plate ??? If so, how was it done.. Second... How do you get your plate lit when mounted directly below the taillight... suggestions are welcome.. pics even more. As mentioned before.. I am still collecting parts. I would love to get a Gsxr swing arm in (already have 1)..combined with a rf900 or other straight spoke wheel . Since I can't do any welding I need someone to do this for me. What would be the best setup to get the swing arm in place... What Suspension, link and dog bones would most suited. I like the rear up a bit will use efe engine, usd from a 94 gsxr750w the rider will be about 80 kg. All suggestion are welcome. Last one for now.. What straight spoke wheel (and disks) would be the best to get for the 94 gsxr750w fork. Hassle-free would be great, but any combination A novice can put together would be much appreciated. That's it for now.. Looking forward for your replies.
  5. I would love to see a Restomod with Usd fork and cbr600/900 6 spook wheels .. that ass up a bit Fresh Paint is an option.. I always loved the black and red version with a golden pinstripe. And of course lots of Pic's
  6. Grease gun it is then I have seen them push the brake fluid in .. at the calipers.. but on a normal bike.. so the air would exit at the Fluid reservoir. They used a medical syringe like tool .. This was A long time ago so details are a bit blury. Never tried it myselve.. but could this be an option to do on a motorbike?
  7. I did try my compressor once to get the pistons out.. That's something I'll never do again Anyways.. The pistons are moving back and there is no Brake fluid anywhere so looks like I had some luck.. Thank you all for your help
  8. @wraith, so that's what it was.. Thanx.. I know it was something but could not remember what.. so calipers should be fine for testing. @TLRS, That was a bit of my worry.. spilling Brakefluid everywhere. I'll just set them up in a dummy mode using a known working mastercilinder and a short Brakeline. Sometimes I just overthink a problem making it hard for me... while it could be so simpel. Thanx you all
  9. Thank you all for your advise. I wil do just that, bolt them on and hope they aren't leaking. Long time ago I read somewhere it is better to keep the pressure on for some reason, can't remember exactly what is was. Thought I'll just aks in case it was a Big NO.
  10. Thanks for dropping in.. Its been A while that I wrote here, I had some health problems for over a year now and was unable to do a lot of things most people take for granted. Thank fully things are getting better now bit by bit. I found a nice set of brake calipers that I am planing to use on my efe, but they have been in storage for some time. So I was hoping to get some of your expertise on how to proceed. The set was cleaned ,greased with caliper grease and stored dry .... all the rubbers and seals feel ok and are flexible. Can I just use the like this, or would it be wise to replace all the rubbers and seal. Or should I keep on looking for some that are still connected to brake line and are under pressure. Many thanks Tom
  11. Ok.. Thank you all That was what I needed to know. I thought the frame is was off bij 5 mm, the frame was modded by someone before I got it and mods have been cut away. So I was not sure if would fit original parts . Now all i have to do is..see if I can find the pivot bolt somewhere . Thanx again.
  12. It's been some time that I spoke or wrote Englisch . I mean the width at the Swingarm Pivot ...I think . I want to get the frame checked if it is straight.. they want the frame with wheels.. swingarm and fork.. I have a fork and wheel that fit, swingarm and rear wheel, I will need to get, so if the size is off at the pivot witch i think it is ..It won't fit. So......Can someone tell me is the the swingarm at the pivot 23 or 23.5mm Many Thanx
  13. Hello all.. Can anyone tell me what the build in size is of the swingarm ? I think the frame size is off, I thought it was 23 mm but am measuring 23.5 mm, is this correct? Many thanx.
  14. Love the katana There is a great bit of info in the second post in the oil cooled section. Al you need to know about what carbs will fit. Good luck
  15. 2008 is a while ago.. can't remember what I did back then. I will just see what I can find, and try is out. I already have a nice stainless steel one waiting in the shed, its an hand made one for a gsx1100e .It should fit. Got a swingarm coming my way now I just need a rear shock and to find someone who can weld it in place. But I got some time to kill.
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