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Gsx750f suspension upgrades


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Hi all, 

i have a Gsx750f on a 2000 plate that I'm currently streetfightering, 

main question is I want to swap the suspension both front and back, preferably usd forks, 

any ideas which would be best to fit and both best ride and easiness to fit??

many thanks 

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You can get a complete front end of a late model GSXR... You get suspension and brakes. To choose a year look up the suggested spring rates for your Katuna and your weight for your riding skill level. then match that to the appropriate GSXR front end year and model. For example: 06-09 GSXR600 come with 0.90 kg/mm front ends... 05 06 GSXR1000 come with 0.95 kg/mm front ends... 07 08 GSXR1000 come with 0.976 kg/mm front ends... 06 09 GSXR750 come with 1.00 kg/mm front ends...

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For the rear, Swapping swing arms is a pain and you have to make custom parts to make them fit... It is possible but time-consuming and pricey to do them right... I would suggest fitting a GSXR rear wheel on the Katuna axle. And getting a 10mm longer shock than stock from a bike based again, on spring rate.This would raise the rear end a little and give you lighter, more agile steering. It will increase traction on the rear end. A newer shock with low miles is better. Getting a shock from a 10 year old bike will probably need service.

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You can view spring rates at www.racetech.com

Go to there is says search spring rates... Select your Road bike, then select your bike and year. Then enter your weight. I always pick racing because why spend the money if you do not plan to haul ass. Those suggestions, front and back should be your guideline.

This is what I am working on.... The swingarm is a real pain...18301246_10203339214596769_2746063842165925250_n.jpg.073d0ffc73985103d176473f48ced3ab.jpg

shock chart edit.jpg


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No. That 0.629 kg/mm is what the stock spring rates are for the Katuna...

For a 180 lbs rider, Racetech suggest and 0.95 kg/mm fork spring rate.  So if you are picking out a front end a 2005 to 2006 GSXR1000 would be perfect.


For the rear, a shock with a 16.2 kg/mm spring rate...


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