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  1. This was the bike when i bought it... If it was more stock I would have restored it...
  2. The Vj22 was made from 90 til 94. That's 25 years ago... I didn't know there was an age requirement.... As a moderator you know best....
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uziKrGMZqK4 Little movie of the bike running
  4. You must appreciate a good two stroke bike like the old days....
  5. Enrico


    I used one from a tl. Exhaust is home made with crf250 mufflers.
  6. Just wanted to show you my rgv250 with Nsr250 Tyga bodywork.. For the two stroke lovers
  7. Enrico


    you only need to sort out the bearings and the end stops. Offcourse the stem needs to have the right length.
  8. Enrico


    Gsx750es. Widend rear frame. Gsxr750 2001 rear wheel 190 tyre and arm. Kawa z750 2010 fueltank Yam r6 2006 seat Tl1000r fork Crf250 mufflers Gubbelini rear shock Aim display Brembo RCS 19 master brake and wave discs etc.etc.
  9. Enrico


    I have got one too. .
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