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  1. I'm not going to congest the forums with off topic replies just to get 50 posts.
  2. Quick question, I don't see a "for sale" area. Is there one?
  3. AGREE. Me bringing it back is out of the question, I know my limitations. All I have is an interesting find. I have the title so I'll post it complete before parting it out.
  4. Over the weekend I picked up a couple odd bikes from long term storage. The Suzuki is a GS1150, VIN 00001. It's not a complete bike, missing the engine, seat and both wheels but everything else is there, very nice tank, cluster, forks, etc. Any value as a decent start to a project or should I part it out. Opinions please. Note: the early Z1 rear wheel was just to make moving the bike easier.
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