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  1. Gonna be pullin em tonight if I get the time, hope to have them done by the end of the week!
  2. Yea, I figured the plugs looks decent, MAYBE a little hot? But not enough to worry. I do not have a tester, I may snag one from the local parts store and check. But I feel like the carbs could use a good going through anyway lol
  3. This is what they looked like with the old plugs, before I replaced them. But the misfire was happening with these plugs as well.
  4. Small update, swapped plug wires and it did not follow the wire. Still on cylinder #3. Gonna try and spray some fluid to check for any kind of vacuum leak today otherwise carb rebuild it is!
  5. Sadly I dont think I have the means to do this right now. I did swap #2 and #3 to see if I see a dif and Ill test it tonight.
  6. oh, I didnt realize I could swap them, I wasnt sure of the firing order. I'll do that first and see if anything changes. Thanks! I should be able to do this at lunch and report back.
  7. Just checking, should be as simple as this, correct? https://gsarchive.bwringer.com/cbsaunders/gs/plug_cap_replacement.pdf
  8. So it's hot or cold, no real change that Ive noticed. I've narrowed it down to Cylinder #3 because it's much cooler than every other via measuring the header temp. I'm thinking, at this point, it's gonna be me rebuilding the carbs.
  9. Hey all, Newby here with an 81 Gs850g. Worked well then all of a sudden this started. When cruising I have what sounds to be like a misfire. Not under easy or hard acceleration nor at idle. Only when at cruising speeds. New plugs, wires all good and it's getting good spark. Good fuel, filter is clean and I'm not getting and weird smoke/smells out of my exhaust. Any suggestions on where I should start before I say screw it and rebuild the carbs?
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