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  1. Still getting hang of this. lol. I'd rather trike gsxr1100.
  2. Hi peeps. Have read rules now, Point taken. I'm Rob.My ride is a Gsxr1100k street fighter. sporting a 1216 motor. I'm thinking of triking it due to being an old fucker with arthritis. I know it's not the done thing but not giving up biking yet. Cheers guys, stay safe.
  3. Any one in particular bud?
  4. Should read gsxr 1100k frame.
  5. Hi Does anybody happen to know if a Bandit 1200 swinging arm will fit into a GSXR 100k frame? Odd question, i know. I am triking my streetfighter and can get an axle and bandit arm. Thanks for joining me up. Great site.
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