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  1. Awesome thanks for all the good info, now I have some things to work on over the winter, if I have time lol, got a 79 gs550 coming soon and may focus on that lol.
  2. Ive been through dozens of main and idle jets configurations needle positions ext, it start beautifully and runs perfect right to 55k rpm, and it's like hitting a wall, seems a couple of you say it's normal and a couple say it's not, guess I'll just keep tinkering, can anyone tell me For Sure what the redline was when factory new, and just an fyi it only has 12k miles on the odometer.
  3. Here is my 81 gs250t rat cafe, built it last winter, it runs great but tops out @ 5.5k rpm, 55mph, is this normal? Is there a way to increase this, I've looked for rear sprockets but non seem to exist is there a way to increase rpm range
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