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  1. Hi, thank you for that, I don't lubricate the threads just surface between nuts and washers, I will do it by the genuine w/shop manual
  2. I rebuilt my 1135 which is now due its first service. I used molybdenum disulfide under the nuts as I have done with other engines. In the genuine Suzuki manual it says undo each cylinder head nut and then re-tighten, what is the point of this normally you just re-torque not undo first. Any body got any ideas? just trying to understand why!
  3. Genuine 1st oversize pistons from Fowlers, 1250 bandit m/cylinder and calipers, hagon shock 34mm rs flatslides dynas ignition and coils ET weights and ignition cover renthal ultra lows SV 650 Rh switch (2 cables) gs500 headlamp brackets 650 bandit headlight, it rocks 4500rpm tyre squirms. I am 60 it makes me smile, if only I had still got the EG I had 30yrs ago as well
  4. Thank you, I will remove the alternator cover gasket and fit another one, I only use genuine parts, but maybe it is a pattern one not fitted correctly. The starter motor "O" ring was genuine as well, i will check it has not been pinched. I hope it is something as straight forward as the gasket, I have been getting paranoid just lately that there is a crack somewhere because it only leaks when it is warm and being ridden. I will post some photos when I have got the casing off. Many thanks, regards Richard. (PS did anybody get into the 10s with a completely standard 1135??, mine ran 11.02 @127mph at Santa Pod when new, many years ago, (not this one though) main limitation was the rider.)
  5. Thank you for the replies so far, I added a second c/case breather from the usual filler cap still just the same, checked all the c/head studs all dry as is the base gasket. Just been out again, the only place that is wet with oil is the drain hole from the starter motor recess, remove the starter motor and it is wet underneath but I have changed the starter o-ring, has any body had a problem like this? It is also interesting that the generator cover gasket when you remove the starter does obscure some of the hole . I was wondering if it was making like a pocket that retains some oil infront of the starter., still does not explain how it gets out! I have checked the part number for the s/motor it is the correct one. Starting to become annoying. Thank you, Richard
  6. My gsx 1100ef has a persistent oil leak from what appears to be the starter motor recess, small puddle appears after a journey, oil runs down the cases (drain hole) onto the sprocket cover drips off the end of the gear shift shaft, lowest point. Motor has new main output shaft seal, gear indicator O ring, starter motor O ring, gear shaft seal, all of which are dry anyway, stater motor stripped dry inside, cam chain tensioner dry, pressure switch dry, base gasket is dry, I cannot find how it is getting out, there appears to be plenty of the GSX motors with this problem but has anybody ever fixed it? I would be grateful of some advice please, thanks.
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