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Cam Sensor for sequential injection


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Just thinking aloud here so bear with me, I'm learning what I can about EFi and my experience with the Microsquirt on my 7fiddy put me off a bit but that was most likely down to me being inept than it was a dodgy system. IF I go EFi on the new engine, I probably wont be using the Microsquirt I've got because I'll want knock limitation.

Has anyone retro fitted a cam sensor to a B12/ Gsxr 1100 engine?

If so what benefits would sequential injection bring to a forced induction engine?


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1. Yes.      2. None that I can tell - but I did it anyway.     3. Sequential Ignition may be a bit more effective at lower rpms and cruise off boost.       4. There are very few ECU's that have successful knock sensing and adjustment. Needs quite a bit of computing to continually advance and retard ignition depending on fuel used, fuel quantities, engine and intake temps, vac / boost, battery voltage whilst listening for reliable knock signal as against general mechanical noise!

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Worth doing then do you reckon? I've got a wideband controller that will keep the AFR in check hopefully so knock detection might not be the be all and end all. @Gixer1460 What set up are using?

So far I've got a V3 (i think) MicroSquirt, a set of K2 600 TB's, a 24-2 trigger from Arttu, Found a set of 60lb Bosch injectors mega mega cheap through work an Innovate LC1 WB Controller and some Green Dyna coils.  Just need an EFi type FPR and a decent pump and learn how to tune it hopefully

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Put mine together years ago but its good stuff - Motec M8, Jenvey dual injectors 46mm dia throttle bodies, 205cc injectors x 8no., 4 tooth ( ! ! ! ) crank trigger - std suzuki 1100 M VR pick-up and Denso Hall effect Cam sensor with single pin in the inlet camshaft. Its so old the Motec programme still runs in DOS and is so antiquated that it won't accept a wideband lambda without a code re-flash by Motec @ £00's - er! No thanks. Ignition was run wasted spark through a dual channel ign. amp to green Dyna coils but 4 channel amps are cheap enough now so it's an easy swop as i've got some GSXR 1000 K3 COPs - if I can be bothered LOL!

I use an Innovate LC-1 with a DTA ecu in my Mk2 Escort.

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Benefits of sequential injection are quite small in the end based on my experience. Biggest difference is at idle and low RPM. More stable idle, better torque at very low rpm (just above idle) and better throttle response. But even on those the difference isn't huge. At top end you may gain few ponies with careful injection timing. On my engine difference was something like 295hp vs 300hp when I tested different timing values.

So if you are building a state of the art system and want to optimize everything then it definitely makes sense to get sequential injection and ignition. But if you want a turbo hotrod bike that runs nicely and just happens to be fuel injected then there isn't much point to sweat about it. It will run just fine with simpler batch injection system.

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