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Since my VJ23 was working like it should, I decided I needed to get my VJ22SP out and put some miles on it to keep it cleaned out. I had only had it out one other time this whole year, and it wasn’t running as good as I thought it had the year before. So after a few miles yesterday, it started to run pretty bad....I parked it, and before I got to the fuel tap to turn it off...I had gas dripping onto the driveway.

My neglect, turned into a little work in order to get it running better again. Dug into it and pulled the leaking carb off to get it cleaned out, and double check my float valve. Looked like it has been sucking in a fine film of rust from the tank. So I cleaned out the bowl and all the other holes that passed either gas or air through...bolted it back up....and realized how empty my tank was.....

I think I was running out of fuel as it felt like a cylinder had quit working....but it still had enough to leak out....??? Still confused on that, but I got it fired up with some of my 110 race gas I had in the garage, then rode to the station to fill it up with premium. 


Runs great again....although after riding my VJ23 so much.... It feels kinda boring.

I think it’s time to unrestrict it and split the cases and give it a proper resurrection, with all the new parts I can still find for it.


I have new some jolly moto pipes hanging on the wall and several RS250 SAPC boxes... all I’ll really need is a few new jets, as the SP has 34’s originaly....


But Im still waiting for the right Sugaya pipes come along








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Still collecting dust...... and the final big piece of the unrestricting puzzle.

Racing Function/Auto Remissa/Sugaya VJ22 chambers.... genuine Suzuki race kit pipes. (VJ21 kit pipes on top)

The pipes showed up today. Chambers in excellent condition, but one of the baffles is a bit abused.

Long since gone from the Suzuki Kit stockpile, I may try to reshape it, or use the baffle from my VJ21 Kit pipes.

Now I need to decide if the the VJ22 goes up on the table next, or my GT/TR750 cafe racer gets it's chance...?

Not sure if there is any performance difference between the Sugaya baffles and the Kit baffles...?   or if they are really all one and the same.







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