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Gsxr 750 WP caliper options

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Hi all,

I'm considering swapping the 6 pots out for something else. What are my options?


Do sprint rs calipers work? They are 90mm centres, rotors are 320mm.


Does rotor size of donor bike matter when looking at this sort of the thing?


I'm looking to do it without matching spacers ideally.

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4 pots from 750wn/wr, srad 600 as gammaboy has mentioned. and yes the rotor size matters. think some kawasakis are 90mm spacing. 750 88-90 gsxr's are the same. triumphs on some models. 

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Even old Nissin's seem to keep impressing people. Apparently they have better corrosion resistance behind the dustseals. So corrosion won't push the seals out and make the pistons stick.

Gold 6 pots are better though. Lighter pistons, easier to bleed due to one fluid passage between the caliper halves. Might still be necessary to bleed the calipers while lying on their side though.

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