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so after running out of funk-mojo to make maryzero-1 into a touring sickle, i decided to troll the net for a suitable steed to bimble about on. it had to be less than a grand, pretty standard, capable of 100+miles in between fuel stops and a suzuki.

the stars aligned and Yoshi 'flying-sausage' johnny was selling an rf900, at a price i could afford....he even delivered it....bonus.

now mr YJ is an honest chap and all round good egg, the bike was a relatively unknown quantity and we agreed that it may need some tlc.

it had nearly new tyres, chain and sprockets and everything worked.....it was a bit grumpy at around 3k, but it had been sat for a long time.



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my first outing was no more than 20 miles......after 10 miles it started being real grumpy, eventually konkin'out…...bummer....ah well it was only rush hour on a bizzy slip road, so i pushed it half a mile to the services and awaited my rescue team......i was more pissed off that i had forgotten my fags, that's how deep nicotine gets you....evil weed. 


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back home i chatted with Katungamungla and went through some diagnostics......after some basic checks (fuel/air/spark) i tried a new set of plugs and booom, instantly running better. it's still running rich, but it looks like it may have had a full dynojet/k&n/pipe set up then put back to standard before YJ got it....apart from the dynojet kit, so Katungamungla has sent me a k&n filter to pop in to see if it makes it a bit leaner....before i splash out on needles n' tubes.

apart from the rear end styling, fugly graphics and the slight fuelling issue i really dig it, i've done about 500miles on it now, it handles well and goes like fook, i thought it wasn't that rapid at first, but i bought a new speedo cable for it (as the speedo wasn't working) and realised that my 50-60mph bimblin' was more 90-110mph....

…..i'll test the k&n set-up tomorrow before i spend any serious Wonga on it.

so cheers YJ, i like it more than i thought, and even with the slight fuel hiccup it's still a bargain (y)

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I did a long and involved study of this model. I am a reluctant authority on them now.

Glad we are all sorted. It's a great bike. A real all rounder and it can shift. As long as you don't  have daddy long legs.

All you need to do now is to decide what to put in the glove compartment.



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  • 3 weeks later...

the dudette borrowed ratfink9000 'tother day for a blat and i noticed it was louder than usual.....sure enough the original zorst has corroded away and is blowing. whilst pondering options on how not to spend money to fix it i came up with two....

numero uno i take it off....clean it and hope there's enough good stuff left to weld it up.

numero duo i take it off....see if i can make one set of the ti-titty-tainy-um k1 headers i've got fit.

either way the problem  has to be fixed by taking the original one off, so i did, and i test fitted (with a bit of bullworker style) the ti headers. they don't flow as nice as the original system, but they're a fook load lighter and only have holes at the ends.....with a little  bit more 'jiggery-pokery' i recon i'll even get the fairing back on.....tbc



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6 hours ago, Gammaboy said:

By "Flow" I assume you mean looks wise? Because they're no doubt up to the volume of exhaust gas the 900 can put out.

yeah man, visually they don't flow, but i'm sure they'll do a better job than the originals

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On 6/17/2018 at 5:22 PM, vizman said:

…….now, have i got enough matt blick rattle cans in stock?

No, you haven't...

Pleeeeeeaaaaaase, don't mitt blick it. If anything, grey primer with some marker pen  'graphics', but most definitely not the favourite colour of someone I'll not mention here... 

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anywhoo.... with a slight adjustment on the lower rad mount and a couple of lower fairing mount spacers, the k1 ti-titty-tay-ne-um headers are go for launch.....

…..obviously i'll have to 'tweek' the link pipe/end can.

front brakes need a looking at, they need a couple of squeezes before they bite....so i'll change the fluid and bleed them up.....and i'll probably do the fork seals too, since i already purchased a set.....but otherwise ratfink9000 needs to prove itself later this month before i commit to doing anything else to it....apart from essentials

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elongated the bottom rad mount and almost everything fits back as it should....

…...the only thing i'll have to trim is the lower V section infill, and that just involves trimming the 'ears' either side. and on the mid sections i'd have to trim the two slim rad cowl infills at the bottom, but i just won't bother fitting them.

link pipe and silencer next....



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  • 2 weeks later...

she's spat her dummy out again.....

….clutch push rod seal is leaking, easy fix if i could get the water pump off. once ive took the outer cover off to expose the impellor and taken off the centre bolt do i just pull it out?

it doesn't want to budge.....i don't want to break anything 

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i only give it a wiggle......i even put the housing on for extra rigidity.....guess it must have had a crack in it as it was weeping. grumpy chris has one for me.

so far

air filter


fork seals

water pump


clutch push rod seal

brake master cylinder

clutch slave cylinder

i still like it, guess it don't like being stored

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them water pumps can be a sod to get out. tis not unheard of  breaking when one tries to remove one. red rubber loob and change the internal one  inside the pump as well while yer at it .(y)

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