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81 gs650g to 82 gs1100 engine swap

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Ive got an 81 gs650g that im trying to swap a 82 gs1100gk motor into and wanted to know if this was possible without cutting up my frame. I mostly wanna just bolt into place and wouldnt mind making new mounts if i have to. Any and all help appreciated. Tia.


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ahh, the shafty 8v gs, iirc theres not much compatability. its been tried before to swap the gs1000g engine into the smaller frame, but theres some engineering required with regards to final drive cos it is a different size. im sure its doable, but its not a straight unbolt one, bolt in the other.

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Welcome to OSS (pm sent) ;)

Sorry to say the bigger gs1100/1000g motors just will not fit in the gs650 frame without a lot of cutting and welding, the shafts don't like up ever.

It can be done with putting about 50mm in to the length of the frame and about the same in the swing arm mounts, so really you are making a new frame is some ways.

If you have the gs1100g motor you can put them in to the gs850 frame, they just drop start into them, you can also use the gs850 drive on the gs1100 motors, you do need the gs1100 out put shaft (main shaft) off the 1100, as the mounting plate with the 4 bolt holes that bolts to the back of the engine are a different size to the other shafts. 

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