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1100M tweeked by FBM

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A wee low level sortie to the Highlands.  Early start, roads were fairly quiet to begin with (apart from the noise of a big 4 turbo) 160 miles later I'm home again. Shite pic but there was some Brit stuff parked next to me. Now bug removal time xD


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First venture to the drag strip in over 5 years, first time out with it turbo'd. 

Learnt a few things today.

1. I'm shit and well out of practice. 60ft times were about 3 weeks.

2. It likes to go vertical rather a lot.

3. More power doesn't make you go faster (okay, okay...my fault...I'm rusty as hell, old & fat, the dog ate my homework)

4. Need bigger baws :D

Times were well off my PB time with nitrous....but it's a learning curve and I need to play around with the lockup clutch.


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